Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Tiger Lily Eau de Parfum Review

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is an iconic floral perfume for women. It’s a best-seller known worldwide for its feminine yet seductive aroma. For 2024, Viktor & Rolf has released a flanker, a fruity tropical take on the classic fragrance Flowerbomb Tiger Lily. In this review, I delve into all the details, including its notes, how it’s different from the original, and my experience testing it out.


You Will Love Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Tiger Lily If…

If you’re already a fan of Flowerbomb and want something new for summer, you’ll adore Tiger Lily. The inclusion of notes like coconut, mango and vanilla gives the classic aroma a tropical twist that’s flirty and fun. Alternatively, if you’re drawn to exotic aromas that smell like sunscreen and white flowers, Tiger Lily will be right up your street.


What Does It Smell Like?

The white floral DNA of Flowerbomb is still there, but the perfume has been dropped onto an exotic desert island. You can smell coconut milk and mango. It’s smooth, creamy, and fruity! The vibe it gives is playful and flirty but not in a childish way; it’s grown up and a little bit sexy. In my opinion, Tiger Lily is similar (just a little more fruity) to YSL Libre and Mugler Alien Goddess.

Notes are Coconut Milk Accord, Tiger Lily Accord, Mango Accord, Benzoin.


Flowerbomb Tiger Lily’s Longevity

It has great staying power! I sprayed it onto myself first thing in the morning, and I could smell it some 8 hours later when I was leaving work. I had wonderful compliments, too. Everyone in the office loved it, saying it smelt ‘expensive’ and ‘like holidays’.


The Best Place and Time To Wear It Is…

Tiger Lily’s tropical qualities make it perfect for summer, but it can be worn in all seasons. Because it has a great projection (you can smell it from far away), I personally think it would make a wonderful evening scent.

Flowerbomb Tiger Lily’s Design and Aesthetic

Flowerbomb is instantly recognisable for its diamond-cut glass bottle; this time, the usual pink bottle is amber.


My Overall Experience

I love white floral perfumes, so I was gearing myself up to love this, and I do. I think it’ll be my summer signature! Flowerbomb is too floral-sweet for me, so I like Tiger Lily’s tropical twist. It has all the great qualities of Flowerbomb, but adding notes like mango and coconut milk makes it creamier and fruitier. I reached for it on rainy days to boost my mood and take my mind to sunnier places. I’m going on a Greek cruise soon, and this will be the perfect fragrance to pack!


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