It’s Time To Start Protecting Your Skin From Pollution

Givenchy Vax’In For Youth D-Tox Skincare Duo-Shot Masks On Face

How savvy are you when it comes to protecting your skin? I know you’ve definitely heard the term ‘environmental damage’, but are you sure that you’re aware of the damage that these harmful pollutants can cause your complexion and hands?

Secondary to sun damage and UV exposure, pollution is out to harm your skin. When you’re on your daily commute or your early morning stroll to yoga class, it’s completely normal to feel that your complexion is untouchable. However, these are the times where your skin is susceptible to lots of big ‘no-no’s, premature ageing being the most common. Unfortunately, sometimes your trusty day cream isn’t enough to preserve your skin’s health.

Even if you’re a professional at applying SPF every day, some pollution damage may be already done. According to Givenchy skincare research, the next generation’s skin will be somewhat adapted to pollution particles. But unfortunately for us right now, we need all of the help we can get when protecting our complexions. Pollution Fighting Skincare

What Is Pollution?

Smog, impurities, and dirtiness, yes, pollution is everything that you expect it to be and more. Non-rural areas and densely populated locations are mostly affected by pollution, but that doesn’t mean quiet, countryside locations won’t be affected too. Be aware of…

Outdoor Pollutants

• Exhaust fumes

• Industrial emissions

• The tube

• Train Station

• Smoke


Indoor Pollutants

• Dust

• Cooking Gases

• Cleaning Gasses

Texture Of Skin Affected By Pollution

How Can Pollution Interfere With My Skin?

The science behind pollution damage can get pretty hefty. So, to keep it short and sweet here’s the user-friendly rendition of what happens when your skin comes into contact with pollution particles.

Pollution particles cling to your skin, and as they’re small enough to fit into your pores they absorb into your skin’s natural barrier, leaving a toxic and sometimes ‘grey’-looking film on the top of your skin. Once absorbed, they then go on to attack skin cells to stabilise themselves. This process then kickstarts what we know was ‘free radical activation’ which leads to oxidative stress in the skin, causing the following…

Skin Reactions

• Temporary skin sensitivity

• Dry patches

• Blemishes and breakouts

• Dark spots and pigmentation

• Loss of elasticity in the skin

Maybe you don’t recognise any of the above reactions? Check the feel of your skin. Pollution firstly affects the texture and tone of your skin, whilst slowing and steadily encouraging the ageing process. As well as the above, current skin concerns such as eczema can be intensified.


Givenchy Vax’In For Youth Beautifying Mist High Protection Urban Shield SPF30

How Can I Protect My Skin?

It isn’t as complicated as you may think, but soap and water just won’t do. Look out for AHAs and antioxidants in skincare to keep your skin shielded and protected from damaging spores. A big focus on cleansing is needed to keep your skin healthy and defended, as removing pollution particles from your pores is essential for radiant results.

Personally, I love Vichy Idealia Night Peeling, as it contains both pollution-fighting ingredients above.  You just slot this toner in every evening before bed, its gentle glycolic acid blend diminishes dullness by morning, whilst protecting your skin with antioxidant blueberry polyphenols – easy, right?

Also, If you’re pressed for time,  The Givenchy Vax’In For Youth Beautifying Mist High Protection Urban Shield SPF30 makes it easy for us busy city dwellers to stay protected. All it takes is two seconds to use, keeping your face and hands protected in an instant. Interestingly enough, it features a special VAX’IN complex made up of the HSP70 antibody, which stimulates the production of youth proteins to give your collagen-producing skin cells a  well-needed boost. Added SPF 30 protects your skin from environmental and UV damage – sounds simple, doesn’t it?


Givenchy Vax’In For Youth D-Tox Skincare Duo-Shot Masks Open

Is It Too Late To Correct The Signs Of Pollution?

Never! Especially not since the Givenchy Vax’In For Youth D-Tox Skincare Duo-Shot Masks have launched. This month-long programme (1 mask per week), combines the power of essential pollution-fighting agents like AHAs and antioxidants to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh. Its clever pods (green for detoxing packed with AHAs, and pink for protection packed with antioxidants) work in tangent to detoxify and nourish your skin in just 20 minutes. So if you’re serious about creating a youthful, radiant complexion, the Givenchy Vax’In Duo-Shot Masks are the best place to start.


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  • I’m always so good with my face and using SPF (and a moisturizer that’s anti pollutants) but I never do my hands and I’m so aware that they also need to be protected, but it’s so hard when you wash your hands all the time.

    • escentual

      Hey Diana!
      It’s so good to hear that you’re keeping on top of protecting your skin. I’m with you on forgetting to do my hands, the great thing about the Givenchy Vax’In For Youth Beautifying Mist High Protection Urban Shield SPF30 is it’s so easy to spritz on and carry in your bag for on-the-go touch ups! 🙂 – Chelsey

  • Nathalie Gusone

    Hi Chelsey!
    Very interesting anti-pollution mist !! But what about ingredients ? Can you add a pic of its full ingredient list please ?

    • escentual

      Hey Nathalie,

      I hope you enjoyed the post? Thank you for your comment! I sure can, would you like the list of ingredients for both products? I can email them over to you 🙂


      • Nathalie Gusone

        Thanks a lot Chelsey!