Make Up For Ever Artist Lip Blush Review and Swatches


All of the healthy glow and delicious powdery matte finish of a blush… but for your lips? Um, yes please!

Currently sitting pretty at the top of my makeup wish list is the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Lip Blush, a soft and weightless matte lip colour inspired by the instant glow that you get from your favourite blusher. If your go-to lipstick routine is to apply your colour and then blend it out for a softer look, this is for you!

The soft matte texture of Lip Blush will make lip lovers go doolally – it’s comfortable, blendable and surprisingly luminous for a matte, hugging lips with a second skin-like veil of colour that packs a pigment punch. A blend of three oils gives the colour a beautiful glide across the lips, while synthetic mica and silica provide a blurring effect. It’s like Photoshop for your lips!

And I’ve saved the best news for last – it’s exclusive to All that’s left to do is pick your perfect shade…

The Swatches


100 – Soft Tan

Make Up For Ever Artist Lip Blush 100 Soft Tan

Colour Family: Nude

You’d be forgiven for thinking that 100 Soft Tan is a simple beige shade, but it’s so more than that! Its beautiful rose-beige hue is enhanced by the suede finish, for a truly natural and effortless finish. It has such an understated vibrancy, too – I think ‘my lips but better’ lovers will go crazy for this.


101 – Velvet Rosewood
Make Up For Ever Artist Lip Blush in 101 Velvet Rosewood

Colour Family: Pink

101 Velvet Rosewood offer lips a beautiful ‘just bitten’ colour adds some oomph to your go-to daily lip look. Its blue undertone is unusual for a rosewood shade – rosewoods normally fall into the warm and woody category – but this cooler tone makes Velvet Rosewood feel deliciously vampy.


200 – Flushing MauveMake Up For Ever Artist Lip Blush in 200 Flushing Mauve

Colour Family: Nude

If you’re cool-toned, you need 200 Flushing Mauve in your life. It’s the perfect rosy nude for those who favour blue-toned lip colours, offering a low key and ultra-flattering boost to the complexion that’s ideal for both work and play.


201 – Blushing RoseMake Up For Ever Artist Lip Blush in 201 Blushing Rose

Colour Family: Pink

201 Blushing Rose is my favourite shade of the bunch with its sunny and romantic hue. Low commitment, instantly uplifting and ultra-flattering, it’s a modern pink for those who don’t normally wear pink.


202 – Lively PinkMake Up For Ever Artist Lip Blush in 203 Lively Pink

Colour Family: Pink

And for those who can’t get enough of brights? There’s 202 Lively Pink, a seriously vibrant shade that suits more tones than you might think. Because it doesn’t mean too warm or too cool, it’s eminently wearable – you should definitely take a chance on this happy-go-lucky hue.


300 – Powdery CoralMake Up For Ever Artist Lip Blush in 300 Powdery Coral

Colour Family: Coral

The perfect coral does exist. 300 Powdery Coral is a warm and muted way to dip your toe into the wonderful world of pink-orange lipsticks, which are absolutely perfect for this time of year (see Chelsey’s post all about the shade here).


301 – Spicy Coral
Make Up For Ever Artist Lip Blush in 301 Spicy Coral

Colour Family: Coral

If you prefer your lip colour a little zingier, try 301 Spicy Coral – it’s almost neon! Spicy Coral dances on the orange side of the coral spectrum, offering lips a bright and eye-catching pop of colour that is a serious compliment-magnet. It’s also absolutely beautiful on medium to deep skin tones.


302 – Healthy CoralMake Up For Ever Artist Lip Blush in 302 Healthy Coral

Colour Family: Coral

302 Healthy Coral is a little less neon than Spicy Coral, and a little more pink than orange. I find that I need a touch of pink in my lip colour to make sure that my skin tone doesn’t look dull – if you find that you do this, too, then Healthy Coral is for you.


303 – Rosy CoralMake Up For Ever Artist Lip Blush in 303 Rosy Coral

Colour Family: Coral

Rounding off the coral collection is 303 Rosy Coral, a showstopping pink-red. Pigment-rich and full of personality, it’s a great way to add drama to your look without committing to a full red lip.


400 – Blooming RedMake Up For Ever Artist Lip Blush in 400 Blooming Red

Colour Family: Red

Every lip collection needs a classic red. Blend 400 Blooming Red out with your finger during the day for a more low-key way to wear scarlet, then layer it up for an instant evening-perfect look that’ll have you ready for cocktails as soon as you’ve powered down your work PC.

How To Wear It

Make Up For Ever Artist Lip Blush How To Wear

The best things in beauty are always the most versatile. Go natural with Artist Lip Blush by applying it to the centre of the lip like I’ve done with 101 Velvet Rosewood above, then blend it into your lip line with your finger to create a soft effect reminiscent of lip stain. Go a little bolder by tracing the precision tip around your lip colour, then apply several coats of the Artist Lip Blush to create a velvety effect. It’s two lip products in one!


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