#EscentualMe: Your New Perfume Profiler


To us, fragrance means much more than just a scent; it’s about embodying a signature that truly represents you and everything that makes you, you. At Escentual, we believe that finding your perfect perfume fit shouldn’t be difficult, it should be fun and completely personal. Amongst the thousands of choices out there, it’s easy to get dragged in by the scented stereotypes. But if we’ve learnt anything over the past 18 years, a fruity floral wasn’t just made for millennials, it’s much more than that…

So it’s here we introduce you to #EscentualMe; a chance to meet your ultimate fragrance match. Call it ‘This Is Your Life” in an olfactory form that’s completely anonymous.


What is #EscentualMe?

A personal invitation to explore the ultimate signature scent with your very own fragrance expert. Every month, #EscentualMe takes an individual from the Escentual community and creates a perfumed vision alongside bespoke recommendations from the practical and quirky facts that they provide us with.

How can I take part in #EscentualMe?

It’s pretty simple and the best part of this series is that we’ll never publish your name, only your fragrant alter ego.

Feel free to send us your Instagram feed, or send us through a list of how your friends would describe you. We want to know your favourite cocktail and the name of your go-to lipstick shade. Tell us what you do for a living, and be sure to include your least favourite activity to take part in – we’re here to go break the usual fragrance stereotypes! Don’t panic, #EscentualMe is completely anonymous, so no one will ever know it’s you (unless you share it)!

Interested to get involved? Email us at 
social@escentual.com for more information, or DM us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with #EscentualMe to register your interest and we’ll be in touch!


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Scented: A 27 Year Old Social Media Consultant from Bristol

Scented: A Sporty 47 Year Old Recruitment Consultant from Yorkshire

Scented: A 25 Year Old Beauty Blogger/ PR Director from London

Scented: A 31 Year Old Events Coordinator from Battersea

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