4 Dewy Makeup Products That’ll Make Your Skin Glow

Dewy makeup look using DIOR Addict Lip Glow Colour Awakening Lipbalm 001 pink and Lancome Custom Strobing Drop Rose Gold

Once upon a time, everything was about matte but that’s all changed. Now it’s the age of the dewy glow, and I’m here for it. It seems like everyone, influencers, beauty editors or magazines alike are always talking dewy skincare and makeup, and for me it never gets old! Because let’s face it, a dewy glow looks youthful, and when have we ever stopped wanting to look young?

As someone with dry to normal skin, the more moisture in my makeup products the better, which means I’m always on the lookout for anything with the word glow or dewy in its name. In my quest for a fresh, dewy finish, I’ve shortlisted a few of my favourite products, which in my opinion are some of the best out there. Try one, or use together for a surreal dewy glow, and thank me later!


1. The Dewy Finish Foundation

Model swatch image of DIOR Forever Skin Glow - 2N

Shade: DIOR Forever Skin Glow in 2N
Coverage: Medium-full
Finish: Dewy
Texture: Liquid
Longevity: 24 hours, touch up after 10 hours.
Best For: Normal skin, dry skin, combination skin, or those seeking a radiant finish.

The perfect dewy makeup look has to start with a base that is designed to glow. Dewy makeup and glow foundations go hand in hand, it’s basically an unwritten makeup rule. As you can imagine with ‘glow’ in its name DIOR Forever Skin Glow has got one agenda and that’s to make your skin bright and radiant.

It boasts 24-hour wear, but I can’t say I’ve worn it for that long. From morning to the end of the day (12 hours), my dry to normal complexion remains flawless and doesn’t look greasy. Skin-like, the dewy finish is always present so your glow is always in check throughout the day. Medium to full coverage, it looks flawless, which is something I look for in a foundation. The hydrating formula takes care of my skin and with SPF35 Broad-Spectrum UVB/ UVA so I know my skin has extra protection against premature ageing (but you should still wear an SPF). Pair with other dewy products and watch your glow grow!

Find your perfect match with the DIOR Forever shade finder.

DIOR Forever Foundation: The Review & Swatches


2. The Glistening Liquid Highlight

Swatch model shot of Lancome Custom Strobing Drop - Rose Glow

Shade: Rose Gold
Texture: Watery oil

One secret to dewy skin that I’m willing to share is to swap your powder highlighter for a liquid one. Why? Unlike your powders, liquid highlights like Lancome Custom Strobing Drop tend to give your skin that natural dewy wetness that you just can’t replicate with your powder compact. The water-in-oil liquid blends so seamlessly with your makeup and looks like your actual skin rather than dewy makeup.

Imagine a holiday glow with a slumber Instagram filter, that’ll be how you look if you apply your Lancome Custom Strobing Drop with a tan – like an instant sun goddess! The subtle rose gold pearly finish refracts and catches the light so you’re lit from within and all your best features are on show. Use as much or as little want, this dewy finish is all about customisation so you can switch between full-on or low key glow with ease using the pipette applicator. Applied to your cheekbones, brow, cupid’s bow and even your collarbones or anywhere over your body and you’ll become a dewy vision; the possibilities are endless!


3. The Glowy Colour Adapting Lip Balm

Model swatch shot applying DIOR Addict Lip Glow Colour Awakening Lipbalm in shade 001 - Pink

Shade: 001 Pink
Finish: Dewy
Texture: Balm

Nothing sets off a dewy makeup look like a balmy lip. Put down your bold lipstick shades and make room for the DIOR Addict Lip Glow Lipbalm. A cult product, this balm is a beauty innovation. Why? Because it helps you achieve a colour that naturally suits your lip. No, this isn’t just a figure of speech, this colour-changing balm actually adapts to your lips pH creating your very own bespoke shade! Soft and dewy the formula gives lips a subtle wash of colour making them appear plump and full, and will elevate your dewy look to full-on secret angel glow.

Made from skin-quenching ingredients like wild mango butter and cranberry oil, the result is incredibly soft and smooth lips. Shade 001 is my favourite because my ideal dewy makeup looks incredibly natural and this rosy pink, almost transparent shade achieves that!

Dior Addict Lip Glow Swatches


4. The Radiant Setting Spray

Model shot applying the GUERLAIN Parure Gold Setting Mist

Finish: Dewy radiance
Texture: Hydrating Mist

It’s the final lap. You’ve got all your dewy products and your glow looks gorgeous, but how do you keep it like this all day? The main challenge with anything dewy is keeping it looking as fresh as the moment you applied, but it’s possible to achieve. My favourite way to safeguard my dewy look is with the GUERLAIN Parure Gold Setting Mist, which is specially made with all you glow-getters in mind.

Spritz, spritz, spritz, I just can’t stop. It’s easy to get carried away with this mist because it feels fresh and hydrating and smells so good! When I spray I get waves of peach, jasmine and white musk, and the finish is glowy and feels light. Not mattifying like most setting mists, it is made to brighten skin, boost collagen production and offer protection against pollution, while delivering additional radiance to your dewy look. Apart from the incredible finish, there’s another detail that I have to mention; for me, the diffuser is what gives it a luxury feel. It produces a fine and even mist that feels like you’ve walked through dewy air rather than a droplet effect you get with most setting sprays. How do I use it? I like to spray in a ‘Z’ shape over my finished look to lock in my glow.

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