5 Famous Fragrances with Fascinating Stories

6 Famous Fragrances with Fascinating Stories

We all experience fragrance in such unique and individual ways, and what you feel when you wear your favourite scent will be completely different to what I feel – it’s personal. So, we can’t deny that perfume is emotive, and it can say so much more than what materials are contained within. A perfume can tell a story, whether that be of past loves, of the future, or of nature’s overwhelming beauty. Here are eight of our favourite fragrance stories right now.

1. A Story of Sustainability

Fragrance Stories; Acqua di Parma Colonia Futura

Colonia Futura’s story is a modern one, but most importantly, it’s a relevant one. This twist on the brand’s iconic cologne is all about sustainability, and it challenges us to think about how and what we consume. There are novel changes to the packaging, with a recycled and recyclable plastic cap, a recyclable glass bottle and a label made from waste marble dust found in quarries. The scent itself smells clean and herbaceous, reminding us of the importance of nature – it’s a story that should be told and told often.

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2. A Story of Chance Encounters

Fragrance Stories; Eight & Bob Original Eau de Parfum Spray

As far as stories go, few are cooler than the tale behind the name of Eight & Bob’s original fragrance. Whilst on holiday on the French Riviera (fancy) during the summer of 1937, Eight & Bob’s founder, Albert Fouquet hung out with a pretty chill American student who, to cut a long story short, turned out to be none other than JFK. JFK was so captivated by Fouquet’s fragrance (and who wouldn’t be, it’s wonderfully fresh, clean and sophisticated!) that he requested eight bottles, with one extra for his brother Bob. Thus, the legend of Eight & Bob was born.

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3. A Story of Glamour and Grit

Fragrance Stories; Amouage Imitation Woman Eau de Parfum

Glamour and grit, that’s the tale of Imitation Woman. Inspired by former Creative Director, Christopher Chong’s migration from Hong Kong to NYC in the 1970s, Imitation Woman is a fragrance about club kids of New York’s Lower East Side. It’s a fragrance of contrasts, where the glamour of big hair, silver hot pants and fancy night clubs is juxtaposed with the everyday life of the New York City streets. The fragrance is retro with a ton of hairspray-like aldehydes, biting cassis and a ton of flowers. It’s beauty and glamour against a backdrop of a gritty city.

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4. A Story of Perfection

Fragrance Stories; Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Parfum Spray

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs has a tattoo on his wrist that says “perfect”. It’s a reminder that no matter how you look, or how your life is going, you’re a perfect piece of design. “I’m perfect as I am” is Jacobs’ mantra and it serves as the story behind the brand’s latest fragrance, which is named (you guessed it) Perfect! The fragrance celebrates all people, with a diverse campaign that shows that there isn’t just one way to be perfect. The scent is modern, lively and bright, uplifting the wearer with an aura of happiness. Sounds perfect to me!

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5. A Story of Flowers

Fragrance Stories; KENZO FLOWER BY KENZO Eau de Parfum

This story is about the power of a flower – the power of a humble, unexpected flower that has no scent. It grows unpredictably, showering fields and urban spaces with flashes of red, growing wherever it wants to. The flower is the poppy, and it has no scent, which means that Flower by Kenzo is a floral fantasy inspired by the idea of poppy flowers carpeting city streets. Perfumer Alberto Morillas was tasked to create an unfamiliar smell for such a familiar flower, blending crisp, green notes, with warm powder, imagining an airy scent of a freedom that evoked the free manner in which poppies grow. Where most stories are read or watched, Flower by Kenzo is a fascinating story that has to be smelled.

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