The Beauty Team’s Must-Have Lip Balms for Dry Lips

Escentual Beauty Team's Must-Have Lip Balms for Winter Lips

Winter is in full swing and let me tell you something, my skin is feeling it. Like many of us, I’m working from home (often with the heating on full blast) and the only time I go out is for a brisk walk in this chilly weather or to do a food shop wearing my mask. All of this is playing havoc with my skin – especially my lips. They feel dry, chapped and in need of some nourishment, so I turned to the rest of the Beauty Team to see if they were experiencing the same thing, and unsurprisingly, they are.

I’ve compiled together our team’s favourite lip balms to help restore your pout and help you say goodbye to cracked and chapped lips forever. Discover your new must-have lip balm…


1. The Rich Honey Balm



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Caitlin, Communications and Campaigns Assistant: The Nuxe Reve de Miel Honey Lip Balm is one of my favourite ever products. It was one of the first things I bought when I started at Escentual, and I haven’t looked back since. I ordinarily wear it in the night as a nourishing overnight mask for my lips but as the cold weather has taken its hold on my skin it’s been upgraded to my everyday lip saviour and I wear it throughout the day as well as overnight.

It’s made with 90% natural ingredients – including honey, propolis, beeswax, shea butter, sweet almond oil and rose oil – and I can’t get enough of the sweet citrus scent which comes from soothing grapefruit. The non-sticky formula coats lips in intense moisture and nourishment, it’s a rich and pampering treat for your pout; I recommend this lip balm for dry lips that are sore and chapped.

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2. The Soothing Healer



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Ceryn, Communications and Campaigns Editor: I tell everyone about the Eucerin Dry Skin Acute Lip Balm. It’s anything but ordinary, and it’s saved my lips on more than one occasion. If like me, you’re prone to extremely chapped lips, and eczema around your mouth, stop your search here – you won’t regret it. The tube lip balm contains active ingredients, liquorice extract, which reduces redness and eases irritation, plus panthenol to promote healing. I’ve just finished another tube, and I have another one on the way – I’d never be without it.

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3. The Multi-Purpose Wonder Balm



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Keavy, Communications and Campaigns Assistant: January has arrived and so has the cold, wet and windy weather and my lips are showing it! I walk everywhere, every day, and am in the elements rain or shine, and as a result, my lips have become rough, dry and chapped, which not only feels uncomfortable but also doesn’t look great either; I need a lip balm, pronto!

Thankfully, I’ve got my Aquaphor healing balm on hand to help myself out in tight situations such as these; the balm may not be your first port of call when looking for a lip balm but, by design, it is brilliant for tackling sore winter lips. The balmy texture lends itself well to use on the lips, creating a semi-occlusive barrier so that they can heal while keeping them feeling hydrated, protected and comfortable (plus they look super glossy!).

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4. The Moisturising Tint



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Kate, Communications and Campaigns Assistant: I’m the type of person who has a lip balm hidden in every coat pocket, every handbag and every room of the house. So, you know any lip balm I rave about will be good!

One of my absolute favourites is the Vichy Naturalblend Lip Balm in shade Nude. I love how it marries skincare with makeup; the nude edition is super-hydrating but also adds a pretty pink, natural rosy tint that’s perfect for days when you don’t want to go all out with lipstick.

It’s also really softening and comfortable to wear, and it glides over lips without feeling sticky, heavy or greasy. As an added bonus, it helps to protect against external aggressors like cold weather; what more could you want from a lip balm?

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5. The Protective One



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Chelsey, Communications and Campaigns Manager: My lip balm collection resembles my sock drawer. My collection is paired by colour and softness, as I like to experiment with new ones daily, but one thing for sure, I’ll always make sure the one I choose fits its purpose – whether that’s by season or concern.

The one balm that’s getting me through the winter chap is Cicaplast lips, and to be honest, it’s been an unsung hero of my lips since I joined Escentual – which over 5 years ago now! I was so interested by the tech and 5-star reviews – it has to be the first one I chose to try (we have thousands on-site). I like the fact it’s not a stick texture, as I prefer to apply a thick layer of moisture; it doesn’t sting or irritate – Cicaplast is the perfect healer and moisturiser for this time of year.

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6. The Nourishing Stick



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Lis, Communications and Campaigns Assistant: I’m a loyal Nuxe fan when it comes to my lip balm. For the night I use a thick layer of the original Reve de Miel lip balm in the pot. But for day time I love something I can wear under my lip products or I can apply throughout the day.

The Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Moisturising Stick gives the same comforting and healing powers of the original balm but in a handy, throw it in your bag stick format that has a lighter texture and sits beautifully under your chosen lip products. I like to pop mine on in the morning before I begin doing my makeup.

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Over to you…

What is your must-have lip balm? Let us know using the hashtag #MyEscentual Facebook, Twitter or Instagram we love a recommendation!


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