Miller Harris La Feuille Eau de Parfum Review

Miller Harris La Feuille Eau de Parfum Review

Lose yourself in the green and earthy scent of Miller Harris La Feuille Eau de Parfum, a green-chypre unisex fragrance that’s reminiscent of dewy green leaves.


The Most Important Thing About This Product Is…

The same iconic fragrance that’s been loved by fans since 2013, the La Feuille Eau de Parfum remains the same but is now held in an updated and luxurious matte black design as part of Miller Harris’ Private Collection.

The botanical medley opens with a sweet and juicy start as the tangy note of blackcurrant blends with cassis and red berries and the intensely green notes of galbanum flower. The heart combines the green aromatic sharp nuances of tomato leaf with the cool and refreshing scent of dewy ivy leaves that instantly transports the senses to an abundant forest, while fig maintains the sweet edge. The lingering base of herby oak leaves, earthy moss and woody cedar gives a natural and earthy tone to the green freshness that maintains a depth.


Miller Harris La Feuille Eau de Parfum Spray review

You Will Love This If…

If you love green scents that blend luxury with a carefree edge, this is the Eau de Parfum for you. The green and earthy notes keep it uplifting and refreshing while the unique blend of woods, fruits and leaves is an unusual yet addictive forest medley with an undeniable sweetness.


Miller Harris La Feuille Smells Similar To:

Imagine you walk into a crisp greenhouse alive with dewy leaves, earthy ivy and juicy ripe fruit – that’s what La Feuille smells like.


Is La Feuille Unisex?

Yes – this is a green and carefree yet elegant scent that is loved by all genders.


What’s The Longevity Like?

The long-lasting Eau de Parfum has good longevity. The freshness dissipates over time but the green edge of leaves and sweet fruity tones are always present amidst the earthy and woody backdrop.

Miller Harris La Feuille Eau de Parfum review

What’s The Story?

A scented representation of the life of a leaf – from a ripe bud in spring, to dew-drenched in summer and on the crisp forest floor in autumn – the Miller Harris La Feuille Eau de Parfum is a green and aromatic celebration! Inspired by perfumer Lyn Harris’ love of nature and the British outdoors, La Feuille is an unusual yet addictive collision of greenery.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

La Feuille Eau de Parfum has had a makeover – and we love it! Now held in a regal matte black bottle with an elegant golden front with embossed lettering – it’s the epitome of luxury and reflects Miller Harris’ luxurious and opulent approach to niche perfumery. Plus, I love the little details that Miller Harris pays so much attention to, such as the embossed M.H initials at the crown of the golden lid.



Phthalates-free, paraben-free.


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