GIVENCHY Prisme Libre Blush Review

GIVENCHY Prisme Libre Blush Review

GIVENCHY fans, they’ve introduced the first four-colour loose powder blush, and trust me, it’s a game-changer! I’ve fallen in love with the GIVENCHY Prisme Libre Blush, and I think you will too. Read on to find why it’s a new addition to my makeup bag…


The Most Important Thing About The GIVENCHY Blush Is…

Never underestimate the power of a good blusher – it can add the final touches to your beautiful face for a real WOW moment. And that’s what this four-shade loose blusher does! It adds an effortless and seamless flush of vibrant colour to give you a naturally rosy complexion. When applied to the cheekbones, it provides a youthful lifting effect as the harmonising shades come together to add light and radiance to your complexion. The blend of four colours brings a multidimensional depth with vibrant colour lasting for 12 hours without fading. The micro-fine powder is ultra-lightweight and comfortable, allowing the skin to breathe with an exceptional second-skin, natural luminous finish.

GIVENCHY Prisme Libre Blush Review


What Does It Look Like On?

Like a sheer veil of natural radiance, it provides the perfect shimmery wash of colour as the pigments beautifully catch the light. I love wearing it on bare skin for enhanced rosy radiance and over foundation for a full glam moment. It blends in seamlessly and illuminates and sculpts the cheeks, looking as fresh after 12 hours as it did when you first applied it.


What Skin Type Is It For?

The GIVENCHY blush is suitable for all skin types, with a wardrobe of colours to suit all skin tones.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re a fan of the original GIVENCHY Prisme Libre pressed blush, then you’ll love this loose powder offering. Similarly, if you love the GIVENCHY Prisme Libre setting powder, then you’ll already know about the enhancing and beautifying powder format and need to try it in its blusher form.

GIVENCHY Prisme Libre Blush Review


Hero Ingredients:

This blush blends innovation with beauty; the quad-powder contains photochromatic pigments, which expertly diffuse light to colour. The colour adjusts on the skin according to the intensity of ambient light, ensuring it stays luminous and flattering no matter where you are or what the lighting is like. These are combined with organic pigments to provide a non-fading vibrant colour that’s pure and rich, while the extra-fine micronised pigments are responsible for the blush’s silky-soft texture. They cocoon skin in a lighter-than-air feel that feels truly weightless and looks seamless on the skin.


What Does It Feel Like?

The ultra microfine pigments are incredibly soft and lightweight; they don’t weigh down the skin but blend in seamlessly and leave skin feeling soft and comfortable.


What Does It Smell Like?

The powder has a subtle sweet scent that reminds me of parma violets.

GIVENCHY Prisme Libre Blush Review


What’s Special About The Design?

GIVENCHY lovers will recognise the iconic flat cube shape. The transparent base allows the vibrant pigments to shine through, while the fine powder releases through tiny squares that make up the 4 G’s logo. The square lid has a satisfying click as you lock it shut, with a mirror on its top for handy top-ups. The 4 G’s logo is printed in the centre in the tonal colour of your chosen shade, while it also comes with a soft white puff for decadent application. It’s truly luxurious! It would easily fit into your makeup bag or look elegant on your dresser. Plus, the outer black packaging is recyclable.


How Do You Use It?

Use the white puff to stamp the loose powder onto the apples of the cheeks and your cheekbones and blend in light upward strokes.


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