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I’ll admit that the skincare industry still has a long way to go when it comes to catering for all genders. Of course, there are lots of exciting brands that offer innovative skincare for men, but, more often than not, the emphasis is placed on products for women. That’s why I always get excited by brands or skincare formulations for men as I always want to see greater inclusivity within the beauty industry. And, these male skincare innovations deserve their fair share of the limelight too.

So, for my ninth edit in my technology series (yes, we’re on edit nine already!) I’m going to be focusing on two male skincare products that have recently caught my attention because of their tech-driven formulations. Not only have they been carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of male skin, but they also boast incredibly clever formulations that any tech fan like me will love.

But before I dive straight in to offer my top two recommendations of the moment, you might be wondering one thing:


What’s The Difference Between Male and Female Skin?

There are actually quite a few differences between the skin of men and women. Due to the hormone, testosterone, male skin tends to be thicker and oilier, while it also ages differently too. So, it’s important to adopt a tailored approach to your skincare routine to really keep your complexion at its healthiest and happiest.

Did You Know?
• Male skin is approximately 20% thicker than female skin.
• Thanks to a higher collagen count, male skin often looks tighter and firmer.
• Male skin typically produces twice as much sebum (oil) as women’s, so it skin can look shinier.
• Men have more pores, and their complexion is more prone to acne.
• Up to 40% of men have shaving-related skin problems.
• Signs of ageing appear later in male skin, but they develop more rapidly once they start.

Now that we know a little bit more about how male skin works, let’s get straight into my top male skincare innovations of the moment:


1. The Eye Cream For Stressed, Tired And Dull Skin

Technology-Driven Skincare For Men: Clarins Men Energising Eye Gel

Between busy schedules, stressful lives, natural signs of ageing and environmental aggressors, it’s fair to say that skin has to put up with a lot. So, it comes as no surprise that all of this takes its toll on your skin. And if there’s one area that gives away your stress and fatigue, it’s got to be the eye area: dark circles, I’m looking at you.

But thankfully, the Clarins Men Energising Eye Gel has been made for this exact concern; it gives the under-eyes a much-needed boost of vitality to create a healthier, refreshed look. But what exactly is so impressive about this eye gel? Well, for starters, the G-Red Complex; this breakthrough plant-based tech is powered by organic red ginseng, which acts like a battery for your skin. It boosts your skin’s energy production, while organic bison grass extract and gymnema energise and stimulate the skin further. The end result? Rested, revitalised skin that’s protected against aggressors, including extreme temperatures and stress.

But that’s not all; the cooling, blue-tinted gel is also packed with a number of botanical ingredients. Organic oat sugars visibly tighten and smooth the area, while pesky dark circles and dullness are targeted using organic horse chestnut. And just in the same way that your morning espresso wakes you up, a shot of green coffee laces the Clarins eye gel to reduce under-eye bags for a toned, alert look.

Skin-quenching organic houseleek extract keeps dehydration at bay. And as if that wasn’t enough, Clarins’ energising eye gel for men has yet another hidden superpower – and fans of the brand will instantly recognise it! It is, of course, their iconic Anti-Pollution Complex. Centred around a trio of plant extracts, the complex acts as a shield against the damaging effects of pollution; it enhances your skin’s natural defences against environmental stressors, and makes sure to guard against indoor and atmospheric pollution. It’s the dream for city dwellers!

Clarins Men Energising Eye Gel Review

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2. The Foamy Facial Cleanser For Men

Male Skincare: Shiseido Men Face Cleanser

As explained in the intro, men’s skin tends to be oilier. It produces twice as much sebum compared to women’s skin on average. And this is one thing that Shiseido’s re-energising face wash takes into account.

Shiseido’s everyday facial cleanser is specially designed to nurture male skin. At the heart of the formulation lies their impressive, state-of-the-art Dirt Tracker Complex. This clever tech is exactly what male skin needs as it directly targets sebum, all while promoting a gentle moisturising effect. But it doesn’t stop there; the face wash, of course, offers impressive cleansing properties, helping to rinse away everything from dirt and oil to leftover product, while it also boasts an antioxidant effect, thanks to botanical Japanese TSUBAKI extract. This helps to care for the complexion as you age.

Boasting a fine, rich foam texture, the innovative cleanser leaves skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and smooth. And if you’re a fan of multitasking skincare (I mean, who isn’t?), then you’ll be glad to know that the Shiseido men’s face cleanser also doubles up as a shaving foam! And its soft, comforting texture makes the whole process feel effortless. For optimal convenience, men can even use it in the shower.

Shiseido Men Face Cleanser Review

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