Boujee Bougies Candles Review

Boujee Bougies Candles

Boujee Bougie candles, in my opinion, are the most exciting home fragrance brand to enter the beauty market in decades. They’re the only candle brand to have an in-house perfumer, ensuring their aromas are unique, their vision is infallible, and I’ve got to mention the designs – each candle is super luxe.

Boujee Bougies are a British indie brand that takes perfume seriously with each candle made in Grass, France – the home of fragrance. Behind each candle, you’ll find clever compositions, quirky riddles and a perfectly executed vision. Each candle smells exactly like the descriptions, even when they not burning…

The practicals:

  • Large candle has 50 hrs burning time (more like 60).
  • Mini candle has 20 hrs burning time.
  • Each candle is made from 100% natural wax.


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1. Cuir

boujee bougies cuir culture candle

boujee bougies candles cuir culture review

Best for your bedroom.

Fragrance family: Amber

Cuir pronounced Queer is my favourite candle in the line-up. It’s sexy, boozy and mysterious. Instead of pride rainbows, the creators chose to focus on alternative queer culture, involving lots of leather and an underlying spice that exudes pleasure – there is a definite bondage vibe to be had.

Boujee Bougies say:

Cuir Culture is a celebration of all that is cuir: the animalistic and gripping aspects of leather in all its raw and intense warmth. A wink to the taboo and utterly compelling, Cuir Culture is accented with the dusty scent of vintage books, filled with the spicy content of erotica. A proud and unashamedly cuir scent, ready for pleasure.

What does it smell like?

I would wear Cuir as a perfume if I could. I want to bathe in it. I’ve never smelt anything like it; the aged leather aroma and amber warmth is the perfect balance of sexy.


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2. Gilt

boujee bougies candle review: gilt

Best for your living room or bedroom.

Fragrance family: Amber

Gilt was made to evoke the sensation of gold. It’s cosy, sensual and shimmering. I love the inspiration behind the candle, as it plays on the opulence of a grand cathedral, encompassing the colourful stained windows and bold confessions that take place there.

Boujee Bougies say:

Gilt is a whisper in an ancient cathedral. Faint words carried on clouds of incense smoke that dance in light beams filtered through stained glass windows. It is hushed confessions and rituals spoken at dusk – secrets and hidden truths thought, but not spoken for centuries. Gilt shares these stories, coating them in gold and dusting them with spice, posing the question: are you ready to confess?

What does it smell like?

Gilt makes me think of gold metallic flecks whenever I smell it – it smells like pure opulence. It’s comforting and understated, just like the beauty of an old church. Warm, cosy and undeniably unique. Gilt is a must-have to experience the magnetic power of Boujee Bougie’s first hand.


3. Queen Jam

Boujee bougies candle review of queen jam

Best for your bathroom or kitchen.

Fragrance family: Fruity

Queen Jam is delicious, sweet and addictive. This bestseller is an ode to the perfumer, Pia’s heritage too; Queen Jam is a popular preserve in her hometown of Finland.

Boujee Bougies say:

Inspired by the famous Finnish preserve, Queen Jam is a sticky, juicy blend of berries (raspberries and bilberries because we’re fancy) drizzled over ruby red rose petals for peak deliciousness. Hints of the forest floor and rose stems add a touch of earth and greenery, amplifying her majesty’s vibrancy. No wonder our Jam is the Queen of them all.

What does it smell like?

Queen Jam smells so vividly pink, juicy and thorny. It’s pretty, but it’s got attitude; in my opinion, it’s the ideal rose for anyone that hates the smell of rose thanks to the sharp sweetness of raspberry.

4. Hellflower

boujee bougies candle review of hellflower

boujee bougies candle review hellflower

Best for your kitchen, bedroom or hallway.

Fragrance family: Floral

Hellflower is a Team Escentual favourite. Founder Nick took the inspiration from an old comic he had; scanning through the pages not once did it say how this unusually beautiful flower smelt, so he and the team magic up something sensationally vibrant and uplifting – contrary to the name.

Boujee Bougies say:

Plucked straight from the pages of a strange sci-fi novel with an excellent name and conceived by our Boujee perfumer, Hellflower tells the thrilling tale of a world addicted to flowers. With dazzling, explosive grapefruit, and the soft, fleshy petals of magnolia, Hellflower captures the tension between beauty and disaster, imagining the exact moment the world ends in a supernova of white flowers. What a way to go.

What does it smell like?

It’s an explosion of grapefruit and white flowers. I love how the name hellflower depicts something destructive and dark, but the aroma of this candle represents purity and light. I adore the fizzy sherbert scent – it makes me picture an eruption of white petals soaked in a citrus kind of lava whenever I burn it.

5. Succulent

boujee bougies candle review of succulent

boujee bougies candle review of succulent
Best for your kitchen or bathroom.

Fragrance family: Aromatic

Succulent is juicy, aloe-y and fresh. I find myself telling everyone it’s the perfect gift for anyone who can’t keep house plants alive, as it gives you a clean air feeling even when it’s not lit.

Boujee Bougies say:

Succulent captures the scent of a houseplant in candle form. With refreshing, crisp and luscious notes of cactus and tomato leaf, Succulent is green and misty, evoking a hot glasshouse overflowing with palm leaves. Succulent presents green in abundance, carrying vivid verdancy and accents of fruits, and flowers, on a warm breeze of musk. Juicy, green and definitely Succulent.

What does it smell like?

Imagine breaking open an aloe plant? That’s what Succulent smells like to me. You get hints of a summery greenhouse with this fresh botanical scent.  As it was burning in our training session, some of us smelt tomatoes, and some of us got hints of a tall, spikey cactus. If you love fresh, clean scents, this one will be your favourite.


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