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As much as I love skincare and makeup, I have to admit that fragrance has a special place in my heart. I’m always excited by the latest perfume, and – truth be told – I’m always in danger of falling head over heels for every single fragrance launch! And now that my love for perfume has been well and truly declared, I think it’s about time that I dedicated one of my technology edits to it.

Although we don’t hear about them as often as we hear about innovations in the skincare world, perfume brands are continuing to modernise their inventions to make sure that your favourite fragrances secure their place as icons of today and tomorrow – and to ensure that they rival the most innovative, tech-driven skincare and makeup launches at the same time! Keep reading to find out three of my standout scents of the moment, which are all offering a glimpse into the future of fragrance…


1. The New Synthetic Signature Scent

Fragrance Innovations: Issey Miyake A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum Review

New for 2021, A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum by Issey Miyake is a scent that celebrates the natural world; the clear, 5% recycled glass bottle has a simplistic, perfectly round design that recalls a single droplet of rain. Inspired by the way that a rain droplet distorts and magnifies its natural surroundings, A Drop d’Issey’s unique design encourages you to see things in a new light.

But the tech comes into play when we reach the scent itself. When creating the fragrance, Ane Ayo was inspired by the thought of a modern lilac caught at the intersection between nature and technology. As the lilac’s scent can’t naturally be extracted from the flower, Issey Miyake utilise innovative techniques and green chemistry to recreate the aroma entirely from scratch, while protecting the lilac as its flower doesn’t need to be harvested, offering a more eco-conscious, forward-thinking approach to perfume. For A Drop d’Issey, sustainability and science well and truly collide.

The scent continues to showcase forward-thinking notes like the central solar lilac facet, with the additions of ethically-sourced orange blossom and upcycled cedarwood also prioritising sustainability and innovation. And for a final nod to green tech, A Drop d’Issey’s key ingredients are made using 100% renewable energy and biotechnology.

Issey Miyake A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum Review

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2. The New Way To Experience A Classic

Innovative Fragrance: Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin Confit de Parfum Review

Another way that the world of fragrance is revamping itself is through the way that we wear perfume. And as soon as Serge Lutens’ latest additions to the Collection Noire line dropped, I knew they had to make their way into this tech edit. The 2021 additions allow you to discover the brand’s three emblematic scents in new and exciting ways. Chergui, La Fille de Berlin and Ambre Sultan have all been given a revamp; hair perfumes of each scent have been added to the mix, but it’s the Confit editions that really stand out.

These Confit de Parfums abandon the traditional liquid spray format that we’re all familiar with to instead offer a unique gel-like texture that’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. But why is this change in texture worth trying? Well, Serge Lutens’ aim is to offer a more sensorial and intimate gesture as the gel caresses your skin. Heightened by the natural warmth of your skin, an ultra-intense fragrance is released as the scent is prolonged by the natural power of your pulse points.

Although I could talk about each scent all day long, I have to give a special mention to La Fille de Berlin Confit de Parfum. I particularly love the gel-like edition of this Serge Lutens signature scent; not only is the complex aroma incredibly unique (it’s like a velvety rose that’s been set alight with spice) but it’s also inspired by the world-renowned, cabaret dancer and leading lady, Marlene Dietrich. I like to think that if the ultra-sensual La Fille de Berlin Confit de Parfum had been around in the 30s, Marlene Dietrich would have been the face of the fragrance.

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3. The New Way To Engage With Fragrance

Fragrance Technology: Paco Rabanne Phantom Eau de Toilette Review

Right from the get-go, Paco Rabanne Phantom has a definite futuristic feel to it; the sleek robot-inspired flacon is certainly forward-thinking, but still maintains a quirky nostalgic feel – it certainly wouldn’t feel out of place in a Star Wars movie. But there’s so much more than meets the eye when it comes to this fragrance for men.

Yet another 2021 fragrance, Phantom Eau de Toilette is presented as a “fragrance born from the clash between luxury craftsmanship and new-tech” – and it’s exactly that. The aromatic fragrance has a fresh, exciting tone as it blends lashings of creamy lavender with energising lemon and sexy woody vanilla, but it’s the bottle’s design that really shows just how pioneering it is.

Made with chrome, metal and black, the 100ml version of the flacon is a complete game-changer; it’s Paco Rabanne’s first-ever connected fragrance. Enabling you to engage with fragrance in ways that previous generations could only dream of, you’re invited to unlock the world of Phantom: simply hold your phone to the top of the 100ml bottle to be transported to the fragrance universe of Paco Rabanne, where you can explore exclusive games, filters and music through your smartphone.

But Paco Rabanne doesn’t stop there: the futuristic Phantom fragrance is also respectful of our natural world as it boasts a vegan formulation, which we’ll only continue to see more of in the years to come.

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