6 Must-Have Perfumes That Are Refillable

6 of the best refillable perfumes

Brands are constantly evolving to find more sustainable ways to produce your favourite scents. So much so that refillable perfumes are officially trending. And the desire for sustainable fragrance is here to stay.

But what is a refillable perfume? Well, a refillable fragrance is as easy to use as you’d imagine! It looks the same as any non-refillable one, but the cap can be removed to top up your original bottle. Refills can be purchased separately once you run out of the first bottle, and a refill is a simplified bottle containing a large amount of fragrance.

As much as I love the fact that niche and designer fragrance brands are taking steps to become more environmentally-conscious, I also have to admit that there’s another reason why I love a good refillable fragrance – the cost savings. When you discover your new signature scent, you can rely on a refill to keep you smelling incredible for longer (and for less money).


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1. The Creamy White Floral Refillable Perfume

Best Refillable Perfume Giorgio Armani My Way

If you’re a fan of white floral scents, then you’re probably already familiar with the creamy tuberose fragrance that is Giorgio Armani My Way. Jasmine and tuberose require expert handling, and Armani has done just that. The perfumers behind My Way have succeeded in crafting an ultra-feminine scent that layers of warm orange blossom amongst pops of citrus and utterly delicious vanilla.

My Way can be refilled with the 150ml size refill, which is designed to automatically stop refilling once your My Way bottle is full – new for 2022, My Way Floral also has this refillable feature. With such a large refill, you can get so many more uses out of the beautiful Eau de Parfum bottle. Plus, the sustainable credentials behind My Way go further than just the refill; it also features the highest quality sustainably-sourced ingredients that nature has to offer.

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2. The Sparkling Amber Refillable Scent

Best Refillable Perfume Prada Paradoxe

Prada Paradoxe is the perfume of 2022 – since launching at the end of August, it’s everywhere. Fresh fruity pear and bergamot meet the creamy warmth of neroli and jasmine to unleash a dazzling mix of fresh and warm florals. Amber and vanilla add depth to the fruity-floral Paradoxe fragrance, blending beautifully alongside that clean touch of musk that smells great on everyone.

Inspired by Prada’s iconic fashion triangle logo, the Paradoxe bottle is nothing short of stunning. So, this is a bottle that you’re going to want to reuse time and time again. And thankfully, every single size can be refilled by the 100ml refill!

Prada Paradoxe Eau de Parfum Review

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3. The Clean Cotton Refillable Fragrance

Best refillable perfumes D by Diesel

D by Diesel is one of my favourite launches of 2022 – I love the positive and inclusive campaign behind it, and the unisex scent too, of course! Hints of spicy ginger are perfectly blended with a fresh denim accord, relaxing lavender and the warmth of a vanillary, ambery base. The scent is truly unisex – eveyone at Escentual HQ loves D by Diesel as much as I do!

As if D by Diesel could get any better, every size variation of the original bottle can be replenished using the 150ml refill. The original bottle is already made from 25% recycled glass, and will last you a lifetime, thanks to the large 150ml refill that makes topping up a breeze with the automatic stop function.

Diesel D by Diesel Eau de Toilette Review

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4.The Fresh Refillable Fragrance

Best refillable perfume Issey Miyake L'Eau

If clean, fresh scents call to you, you’re bound to fall in love with the delicate Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey. The your-skin-but-better scent layers lotus and rose alongside fresh peony and a soft woody base, projecting a pure floral scent with a clean musky finish.

Issey Miyake bottles are instantly recognisable – those tall cones sit proudly in any personal fragrance collection. But there’s another bonus when it comes to the design; the shape makes them easy and quick to top up as the refill comes with a funnel to slip into your original bottle.

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5. The Woodsy Refillable Perfume

Best refillable perfume Moncler Pour Homme

We’re starting to see refillable fragrances tailored towards men shoot up in popularity, too. And one great example of that is Moncler Pour Homme. Layers of rich earthy tones are lifted by bursts of fresh greenery, which perfectly balance the woodsy and aromatic blend of clary sage, cedarwood and vetiver. I love Pour Homme’s herbaceous feel. In fact, despite the name, I would love to wear this as myself – one spritz reminds me of taking a hike through a frosty forest!

With a digital LED screen able to be customised using the Moncler app on your phone, this is a design you never want to lose in your collection. Only the 150ml size has a compatible refill, but the 150ml refill allows you to keep using the incredible electronic design for a long time – and yes, it’s must-have for fragrance collectors as it’s so striking. Plus, this is the easiest refill of the lot – the refill slots into the original metal case with no need for pouring or funnelling.

Moncler Pour Homme Eau de Parfum Review

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6.The Travel-Friendly Rosey Scent

Parfums de Marly Delina Travel Set

It’s not just large bottles that can be refilled; some brands offer smaller reusable sizes that are perfect for travel. That’s why I love the Parfums de Marly Delina Refill Set; the three 10ml vials can be popped in your bag, pocket or suitcase, ready for your next adventure. Wherever you go, you can take the rosy, sweet-woody Delina scent with you.

Delina is an utterly delicious romantic fragrance that bursts with velvety florals and a captivating blend of rhubarb, nutmeg and cashmeran. There’s a reason Delina is a cult-classic in the world of niche fragrance!

The three 10mls come with a reusable spray atomiser to pop onto each vial as you use it, reducing waste in the long-term. If you own the larger Delina bottle, you could even get creative and flip the concept of refillable fragrance on its head by topping up the 10ml vials once empty using a small funnel (not included) and your original fragrance.

Parfums de Marly Delina Eau de Parfum Review

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