Parfum de Marly Althair Eau de Parfum Review

Parfums de Marly Althair Eau de Parfum Spray Review by Chelsey


Althair, pronounced alt-ai-ere, is one of the best vanilla fragrances you’ll smell this year. It’s Parfum de Marly‘s biggest fragrance launch of 2023.

Althair adds a creamy, sweet, spicy perfume to the mix, taking the best parts of Haltane and Valaya to create a special signature that’s smooth, sophisticated and completely addictive.

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Chelsey Spraying Parfums de Marly Althair for perfume review

What Does It Smell Like:

Due to its vanilla note, Althair may remind you of the sweet, creamy aroma of vanilla-based desserts like vanilla ice cream, custard, or vanilla cake. I also picture the aroma of Bourbon whiskey with vanilla coke topped with a fresh lemon when I spray it.

After wearing this for a few weeksAlthair’s soft, warm, sweet, but spicy edge adds something new to the Parfums de Marly collection. If you love the warmth of Haltane and the sweetness of Valaya, this combines the best of both to give you a signature scent guaranteed to earn you daily compliments on its appeal.

Note Structure
Top notes are Orange Blossom, Bergamot, and Cinnamon.

Heart notes include Bourbon Vanilla and Elemi.

Base notes are Guaiacwood, Ambrox, Praline, and Musk.


Name Perfumes Similar To Athair, I Might Like?

  • YSL Tuxedo
  • Mugler Pure Havane
  • Armani Stronger With You Intensly


How Long Does Althair Last?

Althair lasted on my skin for around 6 hours but lasted on my clothes for even longer. Whenever I sprayed this, I would get at least one person to ask me what I was wearing while telling me it smelt incredible. You don’t have to be as close as hugging someone to smell it either; a front passenger would smell it on you if you were sat in the back of a car.

Parfums de Marly Althair Eau de Parfum Spray


Wearability and Seasonality:

This would be a perfume I could trust to wear during the day as I want one that lasts my shift without having to top-up. Smelling good is important to me. However, the richness of this perfume may suit evening wear for someone who prefers lighter scents such as Eau de Toilettes for day.

Again, perfumes are so subjective and as this is so expensive, I would wear it all year round. If I had to pick one season, I’d choose autumn as Bourbon vanilla has always been a perfect cosy aroma for me, and the warmth of this scent fits colder months well.


Who Will Love Althair?

Anyone who loves sexy vanilla perfumes that make you feel more seductive than normal, and of course, niche perfume lovers who want something new and special will adore this.

Chelsey holding Parfums de Marly Althair for perfume review showing the outer box

What Stands Out About The Bottle and Packaging?

It looks and feels expensive. I love the colour; its tan bottle smells like the scent. Rich, opulent. When you first open the box, you get the PDM crest detail on the lid; the whole thing feels weighty and luxe.

When talking to the PDM team, I also learned perfumers were looking to create a redolent scent of the bottle colour over the scent of vanilla, and I think the whole aesthetic makes perfume sense.


My Overall Experience

I experienced a heightened sense of confidence and assurance when wearing it. I was impressed by its longevity, finding that it lingered throughout the day. The fragrance felt familiar yet retained a unique quality. Overall, it exudes a seductive scent that, in my opinion, has the potential to instill a sense of confidence and sexiness in individuals.


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