Parfums de Marly Perseus Eau de Parfum Review

Parfums de Marly Perseus Eau de Parfum Review

Coveted niche fragrance house Parfums de Marly has unveiled Perseus, a new for 2024 citrus-woody fragrance for men and women. It’s dubbed the best new luxury fragrance for spring/summer, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle! Here’s everything I think you need to know…


You Will Love Perseus If…

Are you a fan of zesty citrus fragrances? If yes, you’ll love Perseus. It’s a bright, sun-kissed scent that will come into its own in the warmer months. It’s unisex, so women and men will enjoy wearing it. It’s no ordinary citrus; Persisus is sophisticated and luxurious, which I put down to the smooth cashmere woods in the base.

Parfums de Marly Perseus Review

What Does It Smell Like?

Perseus is a zesty citrus fragrance that smells bright and clean in the opening. After a few seconds, the burst of zingy freshness is contrasted with traditionally masculine notes (vetiver, dry woods, cashmere woods), which give the composition luxurious depth and smoothness. This juxtaposition elevates the Eau de Parfum and gives it a unique twist on a conventional citrus fragrance.  

Perseus’ Longevity

I wasn’t expecting great staying power from Perseus. Citrus aromas are usually fleeting. But I was surprised; Perseus held its own! I sprayed it in the morning and could smell it 8 hours later.

Perseus isn’t what many would call a ‘beast mode’ scent. You won’t smell it from across the room, but it does have good projection. But don’t let that deter you; Perseus is a skin scent that will wow people in close proximity to you.

Parfums de Marly Perseus Review

The Best Place and Time To Wear It Is…

Perseus is extremely likeable and makes for a fail-safe everyday fragrance for men and women year-round. Its sunny disposition means it’ll come into its own in the spring/summer months. I love to wear citrus aromas when the temperature heats up; perfumes evaporate quicker in warm weather, so citrus scents are ideal in the heat.

About Perseus’ Design and Aesthetic

One look at Perseus, and you know it’s Parfums de Marly. Its packaging and bottle are the epitome of luxury perfumery. The bottle is extremely heavy (holding it is a workout), decorated with the Parfums de Marly emblem, and a vibrant yellow-orange, the colour this fragrance smells like. The packaging is just as premium; it’s decorated with the PDM logo on the front and embossed inside; plus, you’ll find details about the Marly brand on the back.

Parfums de Marly Perseus Review

My Overall Experience

Perseus’ release couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ve just entered spring in the UK, and everything is getting a little brighter. Its sunny scent is just what I needed! It makes me feel happy and positive when I wear it.

I love that its opening is so zingy and uplifting – I enjoy spraying it in the morning to wear during the day. It’s unisex, and my husband and I have been arguing about who gets to wear it. If that isn’t indicative of how much we both like it, I don’t know what it is. It’s an easy scent to wear, and I think it’ll be a crowd-pleaser. The mix of citrus and woody notes makes for a clean aroma of sophisticated quality, which is a nice change to other citrus fragrances I’ve tried that are very sweet and smell ‘young’. When I wore Perseus, I received several compliments. The woman in my local shop said my fragrance was “divine”, like “one of those posh shops that sells smellies”. By ‘smellies’, she meant perfumes, which I took as a huge compliment!


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