Your Guide To Initio Perfumes

Guide To Initio Perfumes

The world of Initio is a beautiful place. It’s intricate, eloquent and mysterious; you can’t help but want to know more.

Initio is a relevantly new niche brand recently founded in 2009. But, from the detail and research that goes behind each scent, you’d never guess. They are artisan professionals with an eye for detail. They pay homage to ancient perfumery techniques with raw materials, intricate innovation, technology and science to develop a new wave of perfumes that challenge the ‘norm’.


1. The Black Gold Project

Guide To Initio Perfumes: The Black Gold Project

What’s special about the collection?

The Black Gold Project is Initio’s show-stopping range. Within the collection, it’s clear to see ancient perfumery traditions come to the forefront. Sacred geometry, power symbols and pure fragrance notes take their inspiration from what we find in the universe, but particularly nature and science.

As those facets are what Initio pride themselves on, Oud is celebrated for its countless blessings and opulence and on each bottle within the collection, you’ll see ‘the tree of life’; this symbolises heaven and earth’s connection.

What’s in the range?

Initio Oud for Greatness Eau de Parfum

• Initio Oud for Happiness Eau de Parfum

More from The Black Gold Project:

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2. The Carnals

Initio Guide: The Carnal Blends
What’s special about the collection?

The Carnal Blends are all about seduction. As you can tell by the name, this sensual scent collection is magnetic and attractive. Its clever compositions are inspired by the scientific effects that its star note: hedione HC has on the brain.

Almost like a dopamine hit, each Carnal aroma features at least 50% of this seductive note that causes a positive chemical reaction in the brain, making you want more. Each Carnal Blend is built with at least 50% of the hedonic substance for the ultimate attraction.

What’s in the range?

 Initio Atomic Rose Eau de Parfum

 Initio High Frequency Eau de Parfum

Initio Psychedelic Love Eau de Parfum

• Initio Side Effect Eau de Parfum


3. The Absolutes

Guide To Initio Perfumes: The Absolutes
What’s special about the collection? 

The Absolutes is where Initio really show off their expertise in perfumery. Here they exploit the animalistic powers of pheromones used in traditional perfume methods in the Middle East. Timeless notes of ambergris, castoreum and musk are available in their purest form to help intensify the results of your favourite Initio fragrance.

What’s in the range?

Initio Atomic Rose Eau de Parfum

Initio Blessed Baraka Eau de Parfum

Initio Absolute Aphrodisiac Eau de Parfum

Initio Divine Attraction Eau de Parfum

Initio Mystic Experience Eau de Parfum


4. The Hedonists

Initio Guide: Hedonist collectionInitio Paragon Extrait de Parfum Spray
What’s special about the collection?

Hedonist means ‘pleasure seeker’, and this collection invites you to explore that further. Made for those that take their scent seriously, Hedonist is all about seduction and gratification. Each perfume has been made to inspire your senses, and attract the opposite sex.

What’s in the range?

Initio Musk Therapy Extrait de Parfum

Initio Rehab Extrait de Parfum

Initio Paragon Extrait de Parfum

More from the Hedonist range:

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Initio Paragon Extrait de Parfum Review


5. The Magnetics

Guide To Initio Fragrances: Magnetic Blends

What’s special about the collection?

The Magnetic Blends are best when layered. Each alluring aroma not only boosts longevity, but also adds dimension and intensity to fragrances – they’re magical and essential for exploring alongside any Initio fragrance.

You can choose from musk, ambergris and frankincense to empower your favourite scent.

What’s in the range?

• Initio Magnetic Blend 1 Eau de Parfum

• Initio Magnetic Blend 7 Eau de Parfum

• Initio Magnetic Blend 8 Eau de Parfum


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