3 Ways To Fight Humidity Hair

3 Ways To Fight Humidity Hair

Summer weather is on the horizon, which means humidity and frizzy hair are making a comeback. If the word ‘heatwave’ strikes fear into your heart, then stick around to discover my top tips for taming wild frizzy hair during humid weather.

Most of us have suffered from unwanted frizz and unruly baby hairs when the air feels damp, especially during hot weather. You leave the house with perfectly styled hair, but in a matter of minutes, your split ends, dryness and flyaways are all on show, and both your hair and mood are ruined. But, what causes your hair to frizz?


Why does humidity make hair frizzy?


When it’s humid, it means there is more moisture in the air, which is bad news for damaged and dry hair that is more likely to absorb moisture; the dryer your hair shaft the more likely it’s to absorb the moisture in the air causing frizzing and swelling. Curls, waves, or straight locks, no hair type is safe from the effects of hair humidity, but hydrated hair will make sure excess water vapours don’t penetrate your hair shaft.

If your hair tends to become frizzy on humid days, don’t fret. I’ve got three simple tips up my sleeve that will help humidity-proof your locks. Keep scrolling through to find out what they are…


1. Use Nourishing Hair Masks


Use nourishing hair masks Klorane Cupuacu Repairing Mask for Very Dry Hair

Moisture is going to absorb into areas of your hair that are dry, so if your hair lacks hydration, the moisture in the air is going to penetrate the hair shaft causing unmanageable frizz. A good way to ensure that your locks don’t swell is to use a deeply nourishing hair mask to offset your hair’s moisture imbalance. My favourite hair mask to fight hair humidity is the Klorane Cupuacu Hair Mask, for very dry hair; the mask has been specifically designed to intensely nourishes your hair fibres filling in deep keratin gaps for stronger, more resistant locks…

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2. Apply Hair Oil


Apply hair oil to the lengths of your locks nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

It’s no secret by now that having hair that is properly hydrated is the key to preventing humid hair. For those who may not have time to sit in a hair mask, a nourishing hair oil is an excellent alternative that’s quick and easy to upkeep. All you need to do is apply hair oil on the lengths regularly after washing and when the weather is humid. With time, applying hair oil will keep your locks healthy and make them less susceptible to the effects of humidity on your hair. My favourite is the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil Spray

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3. Wear Your Hair Up


Wear your hair up for humidity hair

Sometimes you need to need an instant solution without the need for any beauty products. My final tip is to wear your hair up to minimise frizz – yes, it’s that simple! A slick hair pony, plait or bun will make humid hair instantly more manageable. Plus, it looks stylish and is more comfortable and practical than wearing your hair down.

Tip: if you have curly/ coiled hair, brush as infrequently as possible to avoid extra frizziness.


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