Which Aveda Range Is Best For My Hair Type?

Which Aveda Range Is Best For My Hair Type



Aveda ticks all the boxes of a luxury haircare brand with display-worthy designs and sumptuous textures that are a joy to use. Plus they’re paving the way in sustainable haircare; they’re vegan, leaping-bunny certified and centred around different concerns and hair types to deliver salon-quality results from the comfort of your home. Plus, the eco-friendly packaging elevates any bathroom decor whilst being carbon-negative (Aveda gives back more to the environment and communities than they take). With so many ranges to choose from packed with incredible plant-based ingredients, one question remains: which Aveda haircare range should you use? The Escentual Team have put some ranges to the test to help you decide which shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment should become part of your hair routine.

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    1. Nutriplenish: Hydrates Dull Hair
    2. Be Curly: Smooths Frizz and Defines Curls
    3. Smooth Infusion: Tames Frizzy Hair
    4. Botanical Repair: Revives Damaged Hair
    5. Color Control: Keeps Colour Vibrant
    6. Rosemary Mint: Balances Oily Hair


Nutriplenish: Hydrates Dull Hair

Aveda Nutriplenish Light Review

About Nutriplenish

The Nutriplenish range comes in two intensities; deep and light. The Light Nutriplenish range is designed for fine to medium hair textures that tend to be on the drier side, adding shine to dull hair and a lightweight layer of hydration. Read Keavy’s review of the Light Nutriplenish range below.

Nutriplenish Review

“The fresh floral scent is so nice to wash your hair with, and I love that the shampoo left my hair feeling clean without feeling overly stripped. The textures are lightweight and left my hair feeling so soft – even the ends that are usually dry felt healthy! I also really like that the Leave-in Conditioner doubles as a heat protectant.”

The Deep Moisture line up has a formula with 50% more butters than the Light Moisture range, intensely hydrating thicker hair textures that are dry or very dry to have a beautiful, healthy sheen.

Nutriplenish Facts

  1. Hydrates dull and dry hair
  2. Deep for very dry, thick hair and Light for finer hair types
  3. Nutrient rich formula for long-term health
  4. Leaves a weightless sheen

Be Curly: Smooths Frizz and Defines Curls

Aveda Be Curly Review

About Be Curly

Designed to hydrate and care for curly hair textures, Be Curly products have innovative sulphate-free formulas to cleanse without drying or interrupting your curl pattern. The Co-wash moves excess oil throughout your hair, naturally nourishing and intended to be used every other wash to replace the Be Curly Shampoo. See what Rosa thought of the curl-caring formulas.

Be Curly Review

“I have been raving about the Aveda Be Curly range! Not only are the smell of all the products divine, with a fresh citrus and almost cinnamon scent, but my curls turned out better than ever! After using the range just once, my curls were soft, healthy, bouncy and tightly coiled with a hold that lasted all day. As a bonus, the products were very kind to my sensitive scalp and didn’t give me any itchiness. It’s an absolute win for me, I would buy the whole range in a heartbeat, and I encourage anyone with curls to give it a go!”.

Be Curly Facts

  1. Defines curly hair
  2. Babassu oil improves curl structure
  3. Reduces frizz


Smooth Infusion: Tames Frizzy Hair

Aveda Smooth Infusion Review

About Smooth Infusion

Flyaways and excess frizz are smoothed into a sleek ‘do with the Smooth Infusion range. The botanical oils tame your locks with just one wash, coating each strand with a water-repelling polymer to keep your hair sleek, even in a humid climate – there are no Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S moments with Smooth Infusion. See how Cath got on…

Smooth Infusion Review

“I’ve loved trying the Aveda Smooth products. They smelt divine when I used them, like a nice luxurious Spa treatment. Best of all, my hair was left soft and manageable without it being weighed down.”

Smooth Infusions Facts

  1. Reduces frizz on all hair types
  2. Hydrating lightweight texture
  3. Immediate and long term smoothing


Botanical Repair: Revives Damaged Hair

Aveda Botanical Repair Review

About Botanical Repair

Powered by plant essences, the 94% natural formula of the Botanical Repair range reduces the appearance of damage whilst making your hair stronger over time. A top tip to see if you need the Botanical Repair range is to pull on a hair strand gently – healthy hair will stretch 20% and bounce back into shape, whereas damaged hair will snap or retract with broken coils. See what Zainab thought of the lightweight formulas…

Botanical Repair Review

“The Botanical Range made my hair feel instantly soft, and I think it looks healthier, especially where it has been dyed. The whole range smells great, like essential oils but not in an overpowering way. The range is all really lightweight, but I was especially impressed by the Overnight Serum; it doesn’t weigh your hair down, and I couldn’t even feel it when I went to bed, so it’s very comfortable to sleep in.”

Botanical Repair Facts

  1. For those wanting healthy, shiny soft hair
  2. Builds and strengthens hair bonds
  3. Lightweight for regular use
  4. Instantly repairs damage


Color Control: Keeps Colour Vibrant

Aveda Color Control Review

About Color Control

If you want to keep your hair colour vibrant, the Color Control Range is for you! Designed to gently cleanse your hair without stripping colour, the range has the added benefits of protecting sensitive colour-treated hair from the sun, water and pollution. Not only is your colour protected, but the silky formulas add shine and soften your locks. The Blonde Revival range eliminates brassy yellow tones in blonde hair to help it look brighter for longer. Beth put her stunning coloured hair in the hands of Color Control…

Color Control Review

“Keeping my hair colour vibrant is so important but I also need my hair to stay feeling soft and healthy. My hair was so silky after using it and I noticed the colour looked just as good as when I first had it done!”

Color Control Facts

  1. For those with dyed hair wanting vibrancy
  2. Leaves hair soft and shiny
  3. Extends the life of your colour



Rosemary Mint: Balances Oily Hair

Aveda Rosemary Mint Review

About Rosemary Mint

The Rosemary Mint range purifies the hair from the scalp down, and is gentle but leaves your hair so clean and fresh. White vinegar clarifies your scalp without drying it out, and the rosemary-spearmint scent is invigorates your senses. I put the range to the test…

Rosemary Mint Review

“I struggle with an oily scalp but have dry ends, so for me, the standout is the Rosemary Mint Shampoo! It has a lightweight, almost gel texture that instantly made my hair feel so clean and really helped me last 3 days between washes without my hair becoming greasy. I also found I needed to use less dry shampoo than usual after my Rosemary Mint washday. The conditioner was nourishing, but as my long hair is naturally wavy and dry, I have switched to the Nutriplenish Light Conditioner, and it’s a perfect combo!”

Rosemary Mint Facts

  1. Cleans oily hair without stripping it
  2. Gentle for all hair types prone to grease
  3. Lightweight hydration

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