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Our award-winning fragrance blind trial, #EscentualScents is back for 2022. This time around, each month you have the opportunity to try eight mystery fragrances from niche and luxe designer perfume houses that all have one thing in common: a fragrance note. Each box allows you to experience certain notes in a totally different way, showing how some may be overpowering, subdued or might transform when infused with other notes. Choosing from popular notes like rose, patchouli and vanilla, there’s so much variety to enjoy every month.

But, the fragrance identities won’t remain a mystery for long! After you’ve tried these scents on your own or shared your thoughts with the #EscentualScents Facebook group, you’ll be able to find out what they are later in the month by attending the live reveal event in the group or via an email.

Feel like you don’t know much about fragrance? You’ll have the best teacher; multi-award-winning fragrance writer, Thomas, who will be there to talk you through every fragrance during our live event so you can get to grips with the way that certain notes smell like and, of course, have a good time doing so! Plus, we only created this experience with the sole purpose of helping you learn about fragrance; namely, what you like, so you can become an expert in discovering scents that YOU love!


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#EscentualScents 2022 Itinerary

February Discovery Set: Rose – SOLD OUT

March Discovery Set: Iris – SOLD OUT

April Discovery Set: Tuberose – SOLD OUT

May Discovery Set: Patchouli – SOLD OUT

June Discovery Set: Vetiver – SOLD OUT

July Discovery Set: Bergamot – SOLD OUT

August Discovery Set: Almond – SOLD OUT

September Discovery Set: Vanilla – SOLD OUT

October Discovery Set: Spice – SOLD OUT

November Discovery Set: Oud – SOLD OUT

December Discovery Set: Musk – SOLD OUT

January Discovery Set: Lavender – SOLD OUT


Look At The Past Reveals…


February Discovery Set:

#EscentualScents: Rose Revealed

March Discovery Set:

#EscentualScents: Iris Revealed

April Discovery Set:

#EscentualScents: Tuberose Revealed

May Discovery Set:

#EscentualScents: Patchouli Revealed

June Discovery Set:

#EscentualScents: Vetiver Revealed

July Discovery Set:

#EscentualScents: Bergamot Revealed

August Discovery Set:

#EscentualScents: Almond Revealed

September Discovery Set:

#EscentualScents: Vanilla Revealed

October Discovery Set:

#EscentualScents: Spice Revealed

November Discovery Set:

#EscentualScents: Oud Revealed

December Discovery Set:

#EscentualScents: Musk Revealed

January Discovery Set:

#EscentualScents: Lavender Revealed


#EscentualScents Has Now Finished


The Escentual Fragrance Community

#EscentualScents has unfortunately ended, but our fragrance community is still going strong. On the 1st of February 2023, we’ll change the #EscentualScents Facebook group to: ‘The Escentual Fragrance Community’, so the group is here to stay! The new group will be a place where you chat freely about fragrance and where we’ll update you with the latest fragrance launches, blog content and fragrance promotions on Escentual. So, if you’re into perfume and you’d love to speak to fellow-minded fragrance fanatics, then head over to our group.

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