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Whether you love all things fragrance, want to learn a little more about perfume families and notes or are looking to buy a new scent for yourself or someone else; you’ve come to the right place! The Escentual Fragrance Hub pools all of our expert and educational fragrance content into one area to help you shop, gift and learn!

As you may have guessed by our name Escentual, the fragrance is a big part of our brand heritage. Our team of perfume experts are extremely knowledgeable and are well equipped to answer any questions you may have. We always explore the latest fragrance trends and create tried and tested reviews for all of the best new releases. You won’t need to look to anyone else for fragrance expertise because it’s all here. There’s no shortage of expertise; our content is curated by our Communications & Campaigns team and our Fragrance Expert, Thomas, who you may also know as, Candy Perfume Boy.

Who is The Candy Perfume Boy?

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Twitter: @candyperfumeb0y

Instagram: @thecandyperfumeboy

Why do we work with Thomas?

We’ve worked with Thomas for several years and over this time we’ve created a wealth of useful and expert fragrance content together, all of which can be accessed on our blog. Thomas is a five-time award winner of the Jasmine Awards and has a loyal following on social media, his personal blog and amongst our customers. For us, it’s important that fragrance is accessible to everyone and Thomas does this through a genuine tone of voice and digestible content:

“I am The Candy Perfume Boy and it is my mission to make perfume accessible. I want to cut through the marketing gumf, destroy the scented snobbery, and demystify perfume materials to bring you wonderfully fragrant content that is easy to digest and fun to read.”

Fragrance Shopping Guides:

The first place to start when buying a fragrance is one of our shopping guides. Brush up on your fragrance knowledge and allow us to help you decide what perfume to buy for yourself or a loved one.

How To Shop Fragrance Online
Sometimes we can’t get to a fragrance counter to spritz a new scent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a fragrance you love.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Fragrance Online

Fragrance Glossary
Refresh your fragrance vocabulary with this guide.

The Fragrance Glossary

Fragrance Concentration
Learn the difference between a Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, Eau Fraiche and Aftershave and find out which one is best for you!

Guide To Fragrance Concentrations

Storing Fragrance

Do you want your fragrance to last longer? If yes, you need to be storing it correctly. Discover how in this guide.

Storing Fragrances Correctly

Fragrance Notes Explained

Find fragrance notes confusing? You’re not alone! We explain what they are.

What are Fragrance Notes?

Fragrance FAQ
Here are our customers most asked questions, answered.

Fragrance FAQs: Answered

Application techniques
Make your scent last longer with these application techniques.

How to Make Your Perfume Last

Choosing Your Wedding Fragrance

You’ll remember your wedding day forever so it’s crucial that you choose the right one for you! In this edit you can expect tips for application, finding the best perfume for yourself, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Choosing Your Wedding Perfume

Fragrance Reviews:

Whether you’re looking for a new perfume, or want to stay up to date with what’s new and on-trend, our in-house experts have reviewed all the latest fragrances here.


Fragrance Families

Thomas makes fragrance families easy to understand in this series of edits. Forget confusing perfume terms and discover what they really smell like…

What do Aquatic Fragrances Actually Smell Like?

What do Gourmand Fragrances Actually Smell Like?

What do Amber Fragrances Actually Smell Like?

What do Green Fragrances Actually Smell Like?

What do Solar Fragrances Actually Smell Like?

What do Fruity Fragrances Actually Smell Like?

What Do Floral Fragrances Actually Smell Like?

What Do Citrus Fragrances Actually Smell Like?

What is a Chypre Perfume?

Fragrance on #NIWE

Our fragrance experts team up with our brands to talk about the latest perfume trends and releases on Instagram Live.

You’re Invited To A #NightInWithEscentual


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