Our June Beauty Favourites

Best New Beauty June 2022: Escentual new beauty favourites

Find out what the team are looking forward to trialling for the next 30 days from June’s newest launches!

1. 4160 Tuesdays Amberama

Product Pick: 4160 Tuesdays Amberama Parfum

Ben: I chose Amberama because I absolutely love amber fragrances. We had training with Sarah McCartney, the perfumer behind 4160 Tuesdays, well it’s supposed to be ‘4160 Tuesdays’. And I actually live on amber fragrances as I said, and she mixed two Amber fragrances together to create the ultimate Amber fragrance – and that’s this!

Nikki: 4160 Tuesdays Amberama is gonna be a good summer hit. I’m super excited – delightful!

Keavy: I found out about the stories behind each of her fragrances and I love the spiciness. And this is the perfect balance of spice; I can’t wait to try this.

Kate: We recently had training for 4160 Tuesdays; I absolutely loved it. It was such an amazing afternoon. So I’m really excited to give this a proper go. The note I’m most excited about is raspberry. I’m just, yeah, loving it.

Introducing 4160 Tuesdays


2. Jimmy Choo Man Aqua

Product Pick: Jimmy Choo Man Aqua Eau de Toilette

Hannah: Man Aqua by Jimmy Choo gives me ultimate signature scent vibes. It’s the perfect mix between warm and cool, so it starts off a bit citrusy and sort of smells like the ocean to me and then, as you wear it throughout the day, it becomes a bit more ambery, a bit warmer, so it’s a really lovely one and if you’re looking for a signature scent. This one feels a lot more, sort of, a bit earthier. Man Aqua is much fresher when it opens.

Louisha: I actually picked this product with my boyfriend in mind because I thought this would be a cool summer scent with it being so fresh and having that hint of citrus in it. But obviously after smelling it myself, I have a feeling we’re going to be sharing it because I’m quite experimental with my fragrances anyway so, even though it’s targeted towards a male audience, I definitely think I’ll be wearing this myself.

Ceryn: The reason I was drawn to this is because my fiancé loves fresh fragrances. His go-to is Versace Eros, and he’s been wearing it for so long that I want him to try something new. This is a perfect choice; it’s inspired by the ocean but it’s also got a bit of warmth to it, so it’s a little bit different as well.

Jimmy Choo Man Aqua Eau de Toilette Review


3. Coach Wild Rose

Product Pick: Coach Wild Rose Eau de Parfum

Hannah: This is Coach Wild Rose and, if you’re anything like me, I adore rose fragrances but this is rose with a twist. This is a fruity-floral gourmand, so it has some red currant in there and it’s just a really sweet, lovely rose. And if you know anything about the fashion, it’s inspired by the Coach floral prints.

Louisha: I picked this fragrance because I love the sweetness of it. I don’t currently have anything like this in the current fragrances that I wear, so that’s what really drew me to it. Also, the bottle just looks so glamorous with a charm on the side, which is very similar to what they do on the bags. Yeah, I just loved it so I can’t wait to see how it wears.

Nikki: I chose this fragrance because I’m not usually a rose person and I’m challenging myself for the summer. It’s a gorgeous bottle and I’m a sucker for this type of thing.

Simona: I’m not usually a person who will go for a rose fragrance but I got to try this one yesterday, and I realise it’s not what you would usually expect from rose fragrance; it’s quite sweet. And it smells a bit like amber as well and jasmine. It’s not just floral, but fruity as well.


4. Parfums de Marly Haltane

Product Pick: Parfums de Marly Haltane Eau de Parfum

Richard: It’s finally here! Parfums de Marly was my best fragrance launch from last year, so I’m really keen and eager to start spraying and smelling and this – it does not disappoint. So woody, and so intoxicating! It’s something I’ll definitely be wearing on my next night out, which is tomorrow. The last one was my perfect fragrance for the summer. This is gonna be my perfect fragrance for the evenings.

Rosa: Genuinely, I’ve been looking forward to this all morning. I’ve been so excited. I smelt it in the office a couple of days ago and I’ve just sprayed it on myself. I sprayed it on my clothes, I’ve just like, oh, it’s just ridiculously good. It’s like wood and kind of leather and really comforting. I feel like I’m I should be fireside cuddling a very attractive man.

Eleni: Haltane is one of my favourite launches of this year. It’s a woody fragrance. It’s for men, but I love wearing it every single day. It’s oudy and woody at the same time, and it reminds me of a walk in the forest.

Kate: I always love Parfums de Marly fragrances and this is their biggest launch of the year. I did get a little bit of a sneak peek of it a couple of weeks ago and I just knew it was going to be a big hit.

Parfums de Marly Haltane Eau de Parfum Review


5. 4160 Tuesdays Red Queen

Product Pick: 4160 Tuesdays Red Queen Eau de Parfum

Kate: I’m really excited about Red Queen by 4160 Tuesdays because it’s inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I absolutely love books, so this one’s a great one for me. It has a carrot seed note in it, which I just love the inspiration behind that and any book fans will like this one too.

Eleni: I’m in love with niche fragrances and I’m not usually the type of person that loves rose fragrances. However, Red Queen is the one that made me love rose.

Keavy: I’m one of the lucky four staff members here at Escentual – I get to try Red Queen Eau de Parfum from 4160 Tuesdays. It’s a spicy rose and I already love spice and I do love rose on its own, but I’ve never had a fragrance that pairs them together. So I cannot wait to try this fragrance.

Zainab: I’m excited to try the 4160 Tuesdays Red Queen. I’ve never tried anything from this brand, but I love rose fragrances and I am queen so it’s the perfect one to try!


6. Miller Harris Secret Gardenia Body Wash

Product Pick: Miller Harris Secret Gardenia Body Wash

Ceryn: I chose this because I thought it’d be a nice treat. Usually I do go for a cheap and cheerful shower gel, but this is a nice luxurious treat because it’s from Miller Harris, which is a luxury niche fragrance brand. It’s gardenia, it’s quite a fresh floral I would say. And I don’t have a bath so I only have a shower, so when I do use a shower gel, I do really like it to be a nice luxurious one that lathers up.

Eleni: Miller Harris is one of the brands I get introduced to when I joined Escentual, and I’ve been in love with them ever since. Secret Gardenia is one of the absolute must-haves of this season. It’s an amazing shower gel and you can also use it in your bath.

Kate: I’m really excited to try this one because it’s inspired by the Secret Gardenia Eau de Parfum, which is an absolutely beautiful white floral fragrance. I’m going on holiday in the UK soon, so this will be in my bag to take away so I can have a little pamper session.

Keavy: I absolutely love Miller Harris; they’re a British perfume brand that I discovered through our monthly blind trial perfume box, #EscentualScents. This is like the crème de la crème when it comes to body washes. They already have a perfume and it’s a white floral, so I can’t wait to try it in the body wash form. This is like a luxe step I would never splurge on, so I cannot wait to just have a luxury moment every day and evening!


7. Philip Kingsley Density Thickening Range

Product Pick: Philip Kingsley Density Thickening Range

Nikki: This Density range is going to be great for my hair. I find it just falling out by the handful; with losing recently a bunch of weight, the nutrition has affected my hair and skin and things like that, so it’s very sparse compared to what it usually is and I’ll try anything – and this range looks to be the top!

Kalli: I used the products from Philip Kingsley, and I’m so excited to try the range. Usually I protect my length, but I want to take care of my scalp as well to have healthy, shiny and stronger hair.

Louisha: I’ve never actually tried anything for like hair thickness and, even though my hair is quite long, I’ve got no or volume in it – it’s really fine, so I wanted something to help with the thickness of it and the help for my scalp. Typically, you should use this for three full months but you should start seeing results after three weeks.

Ceryn: I have got very fine hair but I also had extensions at the end of last year, so my hair I feel is even finer right now, so I thought the Density range hopefully could solve my problem. I’m also getting married next year so I want the fullest, thickest hair you can ever imagine. Now, this is a complete range. I think there are 8 products in total and I usually never use the same brand or range as a complete range. I’m really excited – hopefully it’s gonna be a lot of  targeted care. It’s trichologist-founded as well, so what that means is like a dermatologist’s for your skin – tracecologist is for your hair. It’s inside out as well. There’s capsules, conditioners, and scalp treatments, so I think my hair is in for a treat and – fingers crossed – I’ve got the fullest luscious locks in about three months.

Philip Kingsley Density Hair Care: 4 Week Trial


8. Vida Glow Advance Repair Hairology 30 Capsules

Product Pick: Vida Glow Advance Repair Hairology 30 Capsules

Darcey: I don’t eat fish, so I haven’t had a chance to try Vida Glow yet. I’m excited that this is vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. It’s great if you’re suffering from hair loss or thinning, which I find – because of my sensitive scalp – I do have hair fall out. You get results within 20 days and there’s 30 capsules. You’ve got one to get you to those results!

Chelsey: Hairology has been on my list since seeing Anna (Vida Glow Founder) raving about it all over the Vida Glow social. I’ve got quite a lot of hair at the back but not at the front. I bleached my hair since I was in primary school, which is so bad, so I need something to give it a good boost of vitality and thickness. And I want my curly blow dry to be massive!

Hannah: I’m a bit obsessed with all things supplements. I take about four already. I’m really, really into them. The one thing I don’t have is a supplement for your hair. Although my hair is very long, it is quite fine. I don’t have very much of it – when I put it in a ponytail, it’s a very sad ponytail. Ooh, these are cool. The colour matches the bottle. I’m really excited to give these a try and see how I go.

Vida Glow Advance Repair Hairology 30 Capsules Review


9. Real Techniques Easy 123 Foundation Brush

Product Pick: Real Techniques Easy 123 Foundation Brush

Chelsey: Real Techniques 123 Brush – now, I don’t know about you but I tend to just collect foundation brushes. I don’t tend to wash them I just tend to get new ones. I do wash my brushes don’t get me wrong. However, there’s something I cannot also resist about a compact sort of flat top foundation brush for full coverage. I can see myself using this with powder and foundation. I can’t stand it when I use a new brush and the bristles come out of my face or they feel quite loose and this feels really strong, so I can see myself washing one and wanting to keep it.

Darcey: I’m excited to try the Real Techniques Foundation Brush. At the moment, I’m using a beauty blender and I’m not satisfied with the coverage so I think going to brush will really help with that. I love how soft the bristles are.

Eleni: I feel like the name is really important for a product. When I found out that the name is ‘easy as 123’, it reminded me of the song, so I had to love it and then, when I try, it’s absolutely amazing. It’s so soft, so easy to apply the foundation, so it’s a must-have.

Hannah: I’ve always been a Real Techniques fan. I’ve always used their brushes, and I’m really excited to try this one because it’s not as dense as my usual foundation brush and I’ve switched to using some more powders. I’m interested to see how it works with a powder foundation.


10. L’Occitane Almond Milk Veil

Product Pick: L’Occitane Almond Milk Veil

Ceryn: I like the range anyway and this is a reformulation. So this is almond scented – love almond. Anything almond-related, I’m obsessed with. This is really lightweight. It’s also really high natural content – I think it’s like 97% natural and it’s gorgeous. I’m going to put some on because it kind of tells you why I love it – it  literally sinks in straight away.

Eleni: L’Occitane is one of my favourite brands. I’m a bath queen, someone said that, so I can’t wait to try the new Almond Milk Veil; it’s a body lotion and it’s part of my favourite L’Occitane range, the Almond one.

Zainab: I already use the Almond Shower Oil and I love the almond range, so I’m excited to try this on top of it. I’ve already tried it on my hands and the texture feels amazing.

Monika: I love the L’Occitane Almond range; I already have I think the oil, the shampoo and conditioner and they’re my favourites, so I can’t wait for this one because I know it smells amazing. I’m very, very excited. I love the smell of it.

L’Occitane Almond Milk Veil Review


11. L’Occitane Mint Verbena Exfoliating Shower Gel

Product Pick: L’Occitane Mint Verbena Exfoliating Shower Gel

Eleni: Some products which you know I adore; this is actually a shower gel from the Verbena range but it’s actually an extension – it’s the mint verbena. It has a cooling effect and I can’t wait to try it in the summer months.

Monika: I love L’Occitane shower gels – this one in a particular because, oh! You have to smell it. It smells like my mint tea. I love it. I heard it’s very cooling for summer, so I can’t wait. Also, you can use it in the bath as well.

Rosa: I tried the handwash years ago and I was absolutely blown away; it smells absolutely incredible. But it’s not something that I’ve ever been able to treat myself to, so when I saw this on the list, I absolutely jumped at it. And the fact that it’s got mint in it as well is just a no-brainer for me. It’s two in one and gonna smell it, because I haven’t actually smelled it yet but – oh my god, it’s amazing.

Darcey: I love the Verbena original scent, and this has a minty twist for summer. It kind of reminds me of Pimms, which is really nice. It’s made with sustainably-sourced verbena extract from Provence, where L’Occitane is founded. I like to tan in summer, so it’s great for exfoliating dead skin cells so you’ve got a fresh base for your summer tan.


12. L’Occitane Osmanthus Range

Product Pick: L’Occitane Osmanthus Range

Eleni: This is the new L’Occitane range, that we’ve launched at Escentual. The new Osmanthus range has this amazing exfoliator, which I usually don’t go for because I have really sensitive skin. But I’m just so obsessed with the scent, so I had to try it. At the same time, I can have this amazing scent with me all the time because I can have this amazing hair and body oil in my bag.

Darcey: I’m super excited to try the Osmanthus range. I’m a big fan of L’Occitane and it smells incredible. It has that peachy creamy woody scent, and it’s also made with 50% recycled plastic, so I really like that from L’Occitane. Yeah, I’m really excited. It’s definitely a favourite from the office.

Nikki: I’m a huge fan of body oils or any oils as a matter of fact. Every time I’m in the warehouse, all I can smell is L’Occitane, so I’m a big L’Occitane fan too – can’t wait to try this one!

Hannah: This is a bit of a last-minute pick for me but I just couldn’t resist. I smelled the Osmanthus range and it smells incredible. If you’re like me and didn’t know what osmanthus smells like, it’s a flower but it’s also got like a peachy, woodsy feel to it. And the texture of the shower gel is a bit exfoliating, so I’m looking forward to that now it’s coming into summer, I’m going to be shaving my legs. I think it’ll be great to get those ingrown hairs out – and the oil just smells absolutely delicious.


13. DHC Skin Refresh Daily Leave-On Liquid Exfoliator

Product Pick: DHC Skin Refresh Daily Leave-On Liquid Exfoliator

Hannah: This is the DHC Skin Refresh – it’s a liquid exfoliator and I’ve always loved liquid exfoliators but this one is sort of a little bit serum-y, a bit watery and I have really oily skin so I want a gentle exfoliator so it doesn’t strip anything. I can’t wait to try this one.

Keavy: It absorbs into your skin really easily; it doesn’t strip any moisture and it has AHAs in it, which makes it better for dry skin and it has vitamin C in it, so if you’ve got dullness, or even oil or flaky skin, I think this will be good for most skin types to be honest.

Louisha: I’m mainly excited about it just because I love how convenient I feel it is to add to your routine, with it being something you can put on a cotton pad and just put all of your face without having to wash it off and stuff – that was one of the main reasons to, kind of, simplify my routine a bit more. It also has vitamin C, which is really good for brightening. That’s another reason why I really liked that because that’s something I definitely need with my skin.

DHC Skin Refresh Daily Leave-On Liquid Exfoliator Review


14. Clarins Super Restorative Range

Product Pick: Clarins Super Restorative Range

Hannah: I’m actually really excited about this on behalf of my mum. So my mum is going on a bit of a skincare journey at the moment; partly since I’ve been working at Escentual, I’ve been nagging her about it, but also partly because she’s just started taking HRT hormone. She’s really invested in the 50+ skincare life at the moment. I’m really excited for her to try out this full routine. So there’s the essence, the day cream and the night cream, and she’s got really dry skin, so I know she’ll really love the thick textures of these – and we’ll keep you updated.

Your Guide To The Clarins Super Restorative Range


15. Gallinee Skincare

Product Pick: Gallinee

Rosa: I was working on these products recently, designing some graphics for the website. I got to kind of try them out as I was going along, and I’ve really been wanting them. They are such a lovely set and caters to almost everything to do with your skin. I also absolutely adore the packaging; I think it’s really minimal. I love the pastel colours. I’m really, really interested to see what sort of effect it’s going to be having on my skin.

Keavy: It’s a new brand that’s been recently introduced to me. It’s microbiome friendly. So probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics are all inside to help nurture the good bacteria in your skin. I’ve never done a full routine of microbiome-friendly skincare, so I can’t wait to try that with Gallinee. I think the product I’m most excited about from this collection that I’m lucky to get is the Gallinee Perfume-Free Cleansing Bar, which is called the ‘fanny soap’ by Sally Hughes. It’s for your intimate areas, but I’m really excited to use this.

Hannah: I’m really intrigued by the concept of microbiome technology. It helps the good bacteria on your skin to balance out the bad bacteria. Whereas a lot of cleansers you’d typically use strip everything away, this range helps you from the inside out. I’m really looking forward to trying it. In particular, I’m really intrigued by the Hair Cleansing Cream. I use a lot of dry shampoo in my hair because I’ve got really greasy hair, and sometimes it gets itchy from product buildup, so I’m looking forward to trying this to see if it helps my scalp be less itchy.

Meet Gallinee: The World’s First Flora-Friendly Beauty Brand


16. Vida Glow Age Defiance Range

Product Pick: Vida Glow Age Defiance Range

Darcey: It perfectly complements the internal collagen routine, and the amount of science and clinical studies that Vida Glow have carried out is very impressive. It’s dermatologist tested. I love the eye cream; it comes with this little spoon and you can use it to massage it into your under-eye. It smells just like a spa – it’s cucumber, white florals and woods. I’m very excited to try this.

Ceryn: I’m excited about Vida Glow because this is their first skincare. They’ve done capsules and supplements before, which I couldn’t use because I’m a vegetarian, so this is going to be my first time trying anything from the brand, which I’m excited about.

Zainab: I did the collagen trial for Vida Glow, so I’m really excited to try the skincare. The packaging is really beautiful. The texture feels really luxurious. I think it really complements the collagen as well.

Monika: I think it will be nice and easy to take them every day, maybe together with my breakfast or dinner. It can be hard to follow a routine, so hopefully this will be easy.

Simona: When it comes to like anti-ageing skincare routine, experts recommend beginning in our mid 20s because that’s when the collagen levels drop down. Let’s just say, I’ve missed that train because my skin looked amazing at the time but now I feel like I need to catch up.

Vida Glow Age Defiance Eye Contour Cream Review


17. Clarins Extra-Firming Treatment Essence

Product Pick: Clarins Extra-Firming Treatment Essence

Kate: I’m really excited to put this to the test; it’s Clarins’ Extra Firming Treatment Essence, which is made for those in their 40s. I’m not actually going to try it for myself; I’m going to give it to my aunty to give it a go, so I can see what she thinks of it. She’ll be really excited to try it because it’s quite an easy way to add to your skincare routine.

Ceryn: I chose this for my sister. She’s 40 – she’s got the basics covered with her skincare but she’s really keen to focus more on anti-ageing. Also, I think with an essence, it’s quite an easy step to add in that you wouldn’t always think about but could make a lot of difference. She wants to target things like – the key things about ageing – firmness, those fine lines or wrinkles, but also hydration as well. I think this will really tick the boxes for her.

Clarins Treatment Essence Range Review


18. Darphin Intral

Product Pick: Darphin Intral

Darcey: I’d like to try Darphin because its history is botanicals, natural oils and massage, which I’m really into. This one is actually a revamp of the previous serum. Now it has premature ageing benefits as well as for that skin sensitivity and that is something that I’m looking to target now that I’m getting a bit older.

Rosa: Mainly redness is what I saw it targets and I just suddenly thought, ‘that’s perfect for me’. I have such problems with redness. I was teased about it in school, and anything I do seems to bring me up in a hot flush, so I’d really love to try this out and see if this helps at all.

Ben: I suffer from redness on my cheeks and my forehead, so I’m really interested to try the Intral Inner Youth Rescue Serum. It’s got some bio-enhancers in it, which treat all the same stages of sensitivity. It’s also got camomile and hawthorne and things that are  known to treat redness and soothe the skin. But it’s also got rockrose, which is something I didn’t know about before – I’ve only ever heard of it in fragrances, so that’s something that really interested me and I can’t wait to see the results.

Darphin Intral Daily Micellar Toner Review


19. Clarins Multi-Active Treatment Essence

Product Pick: Clarins Multi-Active Treatment Essence

Kate: I’m excited to try this one out because it helps you get more from your skincare routine. It’s an essence, which you use before serum or moisturiser, and it preps your skin really for your serums and your moisturiser so you really get the most out of it. It also offers up to eight hours of hydration and helps look after your skin’s moisture balance, which I really, really want.

Keavy: I’m always excited for Clarins. Because I work in the city, my skin is exposed to pollution – it needs a bit of extra help with nourishment and this will help with that. This is really moisturising. This is the step I’m missing at the moment and I feel like I’ll get the most benefits from. It’s really refreshing. It’s almost like a water texture. It’s honestly so refreshing and cooling.


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