4 Self-Care Ideas That’ll Make You Enjoy Staying In Again

4 Self-Care Ideas That’ll Make You Enjoy Staying In Again

I’ve started many hobbies over the last two months, reorganised my entire home, and baked (and eaten) more banana bread than I can count. But I hate to admit, I’ve not seen one hobby through, my cupboards are a mess again, and I never want to see another banana bread in my life.

Staring at the same four walls day-in-day out has made me sick of a lot of things, but there is one thing I haven’t grown tired of yet: making time for myself. Lockdown has forced me to spend time with myself – who knew I was such good company? I’ve remembered that me-time is so valuable, and it’s now a part of my daily routine.

If you’re running out of ideas to keep busy, or need a little TLC, I’ve got you. Inspired by my newfound love for quality time with yours truly, I’ve rounded up the best ways to relax and unwind after a busy day of zoom calls – and believe it or not; there’s not a face mask insight.


#1 Wash Away the Stress

Self-Care Ideas: GUERLAIN Les Délices de Bain Shower Gel

A shower is a great way to relax; hot water relaxes your muscles and washes away the stresses of the day. But we can do better than just H2O; add a luxury shower gel into the equation, and you have a recipe for self-care success. Go back ten years, and I wouldn’t have said a shower gel was a worthwhile investment. I’d buy whatever was in my local supermarket. No wonder my skin hated me back then. But now, I’ve changed my ways and have reaped the benefits of a high-quality shower gel. Once you try one you’ll never go back, trust me.

When I have a big event (a.ka. an important Zoom call) or I’ve had a bad day, I add the Guerlain Delices de Bain into my shower routine. It’s beautiful to look at, you can’t argue with that, but when the lid comes off, that’s when the magic happens. A wave of almond and orange blossom hits your senses; a scent that’s neither too floral or too sweet – it makes you feel like you’re in a Parisian spa and instantly relaxed. The texture is equally as indulgent; the milky gel transforms into a creamy foam, enveloping your body in a mountain of nourishing bubbles. The only downside to using this body wash is, your water bill will be huge – as you’ll never want to get out!

Tip: Use Delices de Bain as a bubble bath. And you can pair it with a Guerlain perfume to intensify your scent – think of the shower gel as a fragrance primer!

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#2 Hit Reset on Your Hair

Self-Care Ideas: Klorane Aquatic Mint Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mango Leave-In Cream

Air pollution has dropped by 40 percent in some UK cities since the lockdown started. It’s great for the planet, but it’s also great news for our hair. External aggressors can cause our tresses to become damaged, dull, and in some cases, can lead to greys and hair loss. That age-old ‘I’m washing my hair’ saying doesn’t seem like such an excuse anymore does it?

Your scalp and hair deserve self-care too, which is why the Klorane Aquatic Mint shampoo and conditioner have been in my shower for the last two months. The mojito-scented hair care duo is a powerhouse for lifting pollution particles from the hair. I’ve been describing it as a mouthwash for your hair; your locks will never have felt cleaner, and I can promise you that. Many people don’t clean their hair well enough either – a quick wash and rinse doesn’t cut it – but these formulas do all the hard work for you.

For an extra boost, factor in a leave-in conditioner. Most people reach for a face mask when they need a pamper and forget about their tresses. Not me; I turn to the mango hair mask – it contains with Indian mango which is rich in fatty acids – an excellent remedy for split ends and damage.

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#3 Scrub Your Struggles Away

Body scrubs remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, in turn, making it look brighter and healthier. But that’s not all they do. Physical exfoliators can also help on the inside of our bodies by boosting circulation and increasing blood flow; this detoxifies our systems – it’s one of my self-care must-haves.

There’s only one scrub for me, and it’s Reve de Miel. I’ve never used one I love more, and I don’t think I ever will. It contains sugar crystals, rice grains, honey and oils, which make for a vigorous yet gentle buff. Afterwards, skin feels incredibly smooth and nourished all at once – you’d never think it was under £20! And the smell? Here’s where it becomes otherworldly. Its aroma is a honeyed floral haven that lingers on your skin long after the scrubbing ends!

Tip: If you wear fake tan, incorporate this into your routine on dry skin to prep your knees, elbows, and ankles.

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#4 Give Yourself a Massage

Self-Care Ideas: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Riche
If lockdown has taught us one thing, it’s to slow down (and how to perfect the art of banana bread). We have more time than ever to spend on ourselves, so make the most of it – give yourself a massage!

Massage is a great way to treat your body and mind. It forces you to take some time out, and nourish your entire body top to toe. After a long shower, lock in moisture with a few spritzes of Nuxe Huile ProdigieuseRiche. A French skincare icon, this dry oil fights free radicals like cigarette smoke, plus cocoons your skin in vitamin E and fatty acids with 95.5% natural botanical oils. It leaves skin supple, smooth and smelling of white flowers and vanilla!

Tip: Apply to the mid-lengths/ends of hair to nourish split-ends.

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